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Marijuana Smell

What Does Marijuana Smell Like?

Marijuana is derived from cannabis plants’ leaves, and flowers underwent the drying process. It contains psychoactive compounds and therapeutic properties that people experience after consuming them. 

If you are a marijuana user, you can identify what marijuana smells like and effortlessly detect if someone had smoked it, as marijuana leaves a different scent. However, it can be challenging for people who are not used to its odor to figure out. 

Each marijuana has various smells, as they have different types and characteristics, making it more complicated to identify what marijuana smells like. This strain’s potency article will uncover the multiple smells of marijuana and the components of marijuana responsible for its smell. 

What Does Marijuana Smell Like According to Types?

Opposing to the common belief, marijuana’s smell may depend on its main composition and characteristics. Sativa is a type of cannabis that is generally described to have a mixture of fruity and grassy aroma. It is also blended with hints of sweetness. While indica strains are characterized by a combination of earthy and herbal smell, it even includes a well-blended mixture of sweetness, sourness, and spunky aroma. 

If you are used to these kinds of strains, the tendency would be hard for you to identify whether it’s a sativa or an indica, provided that most of the marijuana today are hybrids of the two. Hence, there are chances that the smell is also a blend of two strains. 

What Does Marijuana Smell Like a Plant?

At this stage, marijuana may smell differently according to its maturity. When marijuana is still at an immature stage, they are less likely to smell. When properly controlled, you may not even distinguish any trace of smell, while mature marijuana plants tend to have a more substantial and more apparent smell. It may generate either woody, floral, or earthy aromas. 

Few even indicate hints of skunk and piney tones, which may relatively depend on the strain. Heat may potentially increase the intensity of the smell. If you are growing marijuana, indoor or outdoor, you will notice a much more pungent odor during the hot or summer season. 

What Does Marijuana Smell Like When Purchased?

At this stage, the weed will smell contrarily from its plant phase. Although the smell may still vary from subtle to intense, the difference is the duration of its storing time. According to cannabis experts, the longer it is stored, the more pungent its smell will be. When the weed is stocked, more moisture will lose because its dryness will keep the plants smelling intense.

According to marijuana users, the weed, when purchased, typically smells like a combination of woody, herbal, and earthy tones. There are few dried marijuana that has additional holds lemon, plum, diesel, or apple hints. 

What Does Marijuana Smell Like When Smoked?

When smoking marijuana, it may generate other dominating smells, although it still retains its natural smell from when it’s dried. Upon ignition, a dominant aroma of skunk or lemongrass can be very noticeable. It is incredibly fierce and will lurk in the entire room for a long time. 

The smell is also affected, especially when using flavored rolling paper, as it amplifies other hints of aroma like fruity or sweetness. As the smoke is created, it heightened the organic smell of marijuana while rolling papers furnish, adding fragrant layers. Many users have reported that skunk smell is usually breathed in, yet an apparent piney, lemongrass, and spice will also stand out most often.

What Does Marijuana Smell Like After Smoking?

Comparable to cooking dishes, smoking weed will leave a relatively distinctive smell after complete smoking. Anticipate the smell of marijuana will clench on some parts of your body, especially on your hair and skin where the smoke is generally exposed.

It may likewise include parts of your clothing too. A person who just finished smoking marijuana can generate fantastic smells but not as powerful and apparent as typical cigarettes.

Skunk smell is the familiar reported evident smell of marijuana when left on a person’s body or clothing. This may blend with some firey tones, and it overstates a person’s natural body odor.

Typically, the smell of sweat or some sweetness of their cologne. Several people would characterize the scent to have subtle sweetness with minor foulness. However, this could vary from one user to another. 

The Smell of Marijuana

You might probably wonder where this pungent smell of marijuana is coming from. The primary responsibility for its smell is the compound called Terpenes. They are molecular compounds in cannabis that produces aromatic factor. You can recognize what does marijuana smells like through these terpenes. 

Naturally, the aroma it generates functions as a deterring factor for predators and other invading outdoor animals and insects. Understanding terpenes can be pretty complicated as cannabis generate thousand various types of terpenes.

However, few terpenes can be differentiated by the human nose. 

• Myrcene is terpenoids, and you can identify what marijuana smelled like when you encountered this on your weed. Naturally, the primary reason that your marijuana is smelling skunks. It similarly generates a smell of musk that assists in sedation and relaxation. 

• Alpha-Pinene, this type of terpene, is a vital pine oil that likewise exists in pine needles. 

• Limonene is considered the most significant terpene in cannabis, as it generates smells like citrus and lemon. This can similarly exist in lemons as well. It promotes uplifting effects and improvement of mood.

• Beta-Caryophyllene is also one of the significant components of cannabis terpenes. But what does marijuana smell like when this terpene is present? Well, given that Beta-Caryophyllene can be typically present in vegetables, herbs, and black pepper, expect that marijuana will have similar smelling characteristics. 

• Linalool is a terpene that is usually found in lavender and is considered part of the significant terpenes of cannabis.


In summary, marijuana has a diverse and influential smell that may be tough to recognize initially. However, once encountered and reached connection, you can point out its uniqueness. Moreover, to identify what marijuana smells like, always remember that its smell will rely on the strain and the potency of the strain.

The extent of smell marijuana can persist in developing daily due to the countless hybrid crossbreeding being done presently. Nonetheless, new strains may emerge; the smell of marijuana will stay consistent and unique all the time. 

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