What Happens if My Pet Eat Cannabis?

what happens when pet eats cannabis

Cannabis legalization is starting to be rampant across the world, and many people have been using either for recreational or medicinal purposes. Aside from common recommendation by cannabis connoisseurs that consumption of cannabinoids should be regulated according to tolerance, it should likewise be handled responsibly. For instance, keeping marijuana away from easy reach of kids and pets.

This should be done because accidents happen everywhere. According to Animal Poison Control Center, due to the rapid legalization of cannabis, the increase of pets accidental ingestion of the herb has increased over 765%. Imagine how much it grows compared to the time where it was illegal. Apart from that, there is an over 400% increase of intoxication among pets on cannabis.

Regardless of how it is made, edibles, smoke, or cannabutter, cannabis is not suitable for ingestion among pets and even other animals. However, owners cannot prevent such accidents from occurring.

Therefore, this article will give you complete information regarding cannabis and your pets and how they are affected by its components. Also, we will also give steps on what to do and what not to do during times of emergency. Scroll below to get informed.

Observe Them Carefully

Whenever your pets ingested marijuana, they manifest slight lethargic behavior; however, it does not give you the opportunity to stay relax and confidence with the situation. Cannabis weighing three pounds can be a small amount for humans, but it is a very lethal dosage for your pets, especially if they are relatively small in size.

For animals with gigantic size, three pounds of cannabis can be relatively enough; nonetheless, it does not automatically make them safe for them to consume. It will rather result in undesirable coma or seizure attacks. If you are observing symptoms like this, rush your pets to the nearest emergency room as immediately as possible.

When observing your pets’ condition, record any signs or symptoms that can help in the diagnosis and treatment of Veterinarians, the last food they have eaten, for instance.

Watch For Any Signs

The effects of cannabis on animal pets can be relatively different depending on the amount they have ingested inside their system. The concentration of cannabis will matter, as well. However, in identifying any signs of cannabis ingestion on pets, generally, they will manifest signs like imbalance, which can be observed when they walk or run.

It likewise includes over-sensitivity toward the sound and any types of movements. Your pets may also manifest hyperactive behavior, sudden increase of vocal tone, tremors of the muscles, frequent urination, and non-stop drooling. If they have ingested too much amount of cannabis, it will directly result in seizure attacks or comatose.

When under the influence of cannabis effects, owners will notice that their pets will show unusual behavior like it seems they are unaware of their surroundings.

To identify whether the situation of your pets is within mild to a moderate level only, you will clearly see them manifest vomiting, movements that are typically uncoordinated, pupils are dilated, or movement of the eyes is suddenly unusual, disoriented behavior, the temperature of the body will suddenly change, hyperactive, and increase heart rate.

All these signs and symptoms occur temporarily; however, it still remains to provide misery to your pets. Regardless of its mildness, owners are suggested to call for Veterinarians’ help to ensure the life of your pets and implement proper treatment also. Meanwhile, you can keep your pets stay hydrated before the help arrives.

Additionally, severe signs of marijuana ingestion can cause your pet’s seizures and muscle tremors. If taken lightly, it will lead to comatose. If your pets have shown at least one of these, consider it as an emergency and seek immediate help from professionals.

Function Faster

If any of these signs and symptoms occur in your pets, and you are aware you have cannabis around the house, better to respond to it rapidly and do not wait for it to be extremely apparent. Cannabis is considered to be a toxic material for pets, regardless if they are prepared as edibles. Most importantly, edibles have other ingredients like sugar and chocolates that are also fatal, especially for dogs.

Pets and humans do not react to THC or other cannabinoids of cannabis similarly. It can induce life-threatening signs for pets compared to humans that mostly feel euphoric. Sometimes, it can even lead to their death, especially when they have ingested extremely large amounts, although this is very rare.

Provoke Vomiting

If your pets have eaten cannabis within the fifteen-minute timeframe, you can induce vomiting to expel the cannabis out from their body. The best way to do this is to use hydrogen peroxide. With 3% of the solution, let your pets induce it orally.

Make sure the dosage is right. 3% of hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to a pet weighing ten pounds. If they weigh more than that, then increase the dosage of hydrogen peroxide. Within fifteen minutes, they are expected to vomit.

However, if you are not skilled to do it, do not try to attempt doing it may rather lead to the more serious and fatal situations for your pets instead of helping them. Because accidents like aspiration may lead to failed attempts of trying to make them puke.

Ask for Immediate Help from Professionals

If you have no capacity to make pets puke or it is too late to do such act, always seek immediate help from Veterinarians as they can solve your problems properly. Cannabis or not, as long as your pets have ingested toxic food or material, it is best to consult the experts rather than experimenting with their situation.

Also, it is essential to disclosed everything to the Veterinarians what happened, the food your pet has eaten, and the signs and symptoms it has shown. Regardless if possession of cannabis is illegal in your area, veterinarians have no interest in jailing you for such a situation. Their sole intention is to save your pets from danger.

Doing this allows the veterinarians to assess and formulate proper treatment for your pets’ situation because of the right diagnosis. As owners, If you happen to be unsure of what they have ingested but aware that there are illicit drugs around the house, apart from cannabis, this should be disclosed as well for the sake of your pets’ welfare

Formulating Plans

Typically, vomiting would be the first attempt to help pets from accidental consumption of cannabis; however, this technique cannot be applied time has already passed. Also, it may only lead to aspiration, which can cause further respiratory damage, aside from the intoxication.

Generally, they will give intravenous fluids to your pets and activated charcoal in several doses. This procedure allows the toxins to be bined and deter from re-absorption of toxins to their system again. There is no specific medicine that can cure cannabis intoxication among pets; however, experts can do to regulate and decrease the toxins from being absorbed by their bodies. These procedures, though, allows the pets to find comfort and keep them under safety and care.

They may also attempt to undergo blood testing to secure that there are no further toxins in the blood and underlying diseases. If pets are very weak and in extremely bad conditions, they are required to be under hospital admission to fully help in their complete recovery. Afterward, if they are fit to be discharged, follow the instructions from veterinarians to ensure the life-threatening situation from happening again.

Prevention of Further Risk At Home

It cannot help that owners use cannabis frequently or sometimes, hence always assure the intoxication of pets from cannabis should be prevented from occurring again. Keep cannabis away from their reach.

Accidentally, small pets can be intrigued and eat everything they have seen. A small leftover joint in the table can potentially be eaten by them and cause another trouble, hence allow to inform people inside the house or visitors coming in about the dangers of cannabis ingestion on pets.

Keep phone numbers of veterinarians at home and inform the members of the house about it if incase accidents may arise. You may also need to assign a special caretaker to look out for your pets when you are away from home or at work. In this way, pets will be taken immediately if something unexpected happens.

Additionally, orient the members of the house regarding the effects of cannabis on pets. Just in case you are not around, other members of the house can easily identify the signs and symptoms of cannabis intoxication by just observing.

It Should Never Happen Again

The safety of your pets from cannabis intoxication will not end from the time they recover. Pets will still try to ingest anything they can reach even they had a life-threatening experience.

Similar to medications, keep marijuana and other forms of it from easy access and within reach. Leftover joints on the tables and edibles left on the plate should be properly disposed of where they have no access. Provide proper storage for your marijuana seeds, buds, and edibles. Label them accordingly.

As long as there is cannabis in the house, your pets are not safe from accidental ingestion. Make sure to store them to prevent it from happening again properly.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis provided powerful effects and extremely potent in generating psychoactive impressions, especially when ingesting high dosage. Although this can be favorable for humans, our beloved pets are not oriented and familiar with its effect, which may lead to a threat in their lives if they accidentally ingested it either raw or edibles.

Although the proper caring and treatment of veterinarians, cannabis intoxication among pets rarely leads to death, there is still no room to be relaxed about it. Apply precautionary measures inside the house to ensure the safety of your pets.

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