What is Kush and The Reasons Why It’s So Popular?

what is kush

Cannabis can be classified in different ways according to their type, features, and a lot more. Most people talk about Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. However, there are cannabis strains that can be further categorized according to their cultures, such as Purple, Haze, and Kush.

These terms are often coined due to their distinct flavors, effects, flavors, and origins. Kush originated from the Himalayan mountains between the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders. Natively, this cannabis grows naturally in these regions.

Also, most Kush strain in today’s generations is hybrids. Indica Kush is the most popular breed when compared to Kush Sativa. Although Kush Sativa is rarely seen these days, they can be grown with the right conditions and some relentless breeding. Kush cannabis is known to be an adaptable plant that can survive the most horrible circumstances. To further understand what is kush, this article will discuss more information about it.

History of Kush Marijuana: What is Kush?

Kush strains are among the most famous strains in the world. They gather multiple awards every year. This award-winning strain is not one to be scoffed at. One of its popular products is the Bubba Kush, OG Kush, and Purple Kush, to name a few.

Kush strains have ruled the Indica-dominant hybrid for years. Hindu Kush strain is a Landrace strain. Meaning, it is pure and was never crossed with any other strains in the entire world. Plus, this plant grows naturally. Authentic Kush cannabis loves the isolation growing method. This only means that when they are bred with other strains, they produce stable strains altogether.

Every known Kush strain in the world is traceable through its originator, the Hindu Kush. As an example, a popular group named Sensi Seeds made their popular Cali Kush and OG Kush from the Hindu Kush. Just by knowing those two and where they originated, you wouldn’t wonder why these strains are of high caliber.

What characterizes ‘Kush’ strains?


When you are growing a Kush strain, expect it to show dark green leaves and colas, it is their most distinct features that the Kush exhibits. Also, expect little hints of purple when they start growing. Once the harvest time nears, the Kush’s pistils turn bronze or slightly brown. The color is also reminiscent of rust. Here are the characteristics to fully understand what is kush.


Kush strain is popular for this specific reason. They induce a strong sedative effect initially, followed up by uplifting thoughts, positive vibes, and moments of giggles. However, these effects vary from strain to strain that solely depends on their genetics.

Indica Heavy Kush strains are hard to come by these days. As growers/breeders are leaning towards highly-resistant hybrids, it doesn’t require long periods before flowering. Also, for growers who are fond of growing Kush strains that possess high Indica presence, they should expect flowers that have powerful cerebral effects that tranquilize the user. Ideally, Kush strain is best used for users having conditions like Insomnia.


Kush strain offers a variety of scent or odor. This is dependent on the strains’ genes. However, in most cases, Kush strains provide sweet, earthy, floral, pungent, fruity, tropical, gas, herbal, and pepper. They differ about everything, but still, maintain strong Kush lines that have made it popular over the years.


Flavors are often the one that entices its users aside from its effects. From a smoker’s standpoint, they are addicting. It is as smooth as you can think of, coming from its smoke, they should offer a strong herbaceous feel. Aside from it, its smoke can be differentiated by grapes, berry-like, citrus, and earthy.

Growth Information

For growers seeking a stabilized strain, they usually go for strains with Kush genes. As they possess a stable outcome and as a descendant of the Hindu Kush Landrace, they are resistant naturally to colder climates, thus reducing water consumption.

Kush strains are relatively short, but give a generous yield that’s why growers go for these strains for those reasons. But always remember that these features vary from strain to strain. There are a lot of factors that come with it, from how it is grown, and its unique genetic appearance(phenotype).

Among active breeders, Kush varieties are famous candidates for back-crossing, as it often results in a more stabilized strain. As with any other Landrace strains, The Kush genes possess great resistance to common elements that are found in their origin. This comprises vegetation that is highly durable in colder climates, severe weather, and modest water intake. This results in having the plant enduring dehydrated terrains.

In addition to their natural resilience to most common factors that affect the plant, growers like Kush strains for their large yields and a manageable height that can be ideally grown indoors.

What are the popular Kush strains?

There are hundreds of popular strains in the world that have Kush in their names. To tell you honestly, I only listed the legendary ones, not to take away from other strains, but this list is considered to be the popular and legendary ones. We’ve listed a few and some of their exceptional features and effects.

OG Kush

By far, the most popular and legendary strain on this list. The OG Kush offers all the abilities you could find in a Kush Indica strain. It hits directly to the sweet spot of every cannabis users and growers. By crossing a strain from Northern California to the Hindu Kush, the OG Kush was born.

It has a great sedative effect the always leads to couch-lock. However, before you go to sleep, the effects will give you a cerebral euphoria that easily uplifts your mood. The OG Kush is best used for users having Insomnia.

Bubba Kush

Another popular Kush strain for its heavy tranquilizing effects, the Bubba Kush, provides sweet and hashish flavors with notes of chocolate and coffee that are a joy to your palate. The Bubba Kush has strong sedative powers that give you an instant couch-lock. AS your head is wrapped with euphoria, your muscles will calm down, and you will be serenaded to your bed while lifting your mood.

Final Words

There are a lot of reasons why the Kush strain remains popular up to this very day. From their resilience, durability, resistance, flavors, and effects, you should know by now why this strain is pretty popular among breeders, and smokers altogether.

Just don’t forget to take it in moderation and always seek a doctor’s advice. Taking these may work for others, but may not work for you. It’s important to know more about it first before considering it. Hopefully, you now have an idea about what is kush and its uses.

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