Why Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Are Better Than Photodependent Feminized Genetics

why fast version cannabis strains is better

The marijuana industry is evolving more than anyone could ever think of. As its popularity is increasing, the stigma attached to the use of marijuana is now decreasing. The use of marijuana for recreational and medical use is gaining popularity, especially in cities, states, and countries where it is legalized.

The growing popularity of cannabis is not just limited to people wanting to use it for medical and recreational use. Homegrown cannabis is also a growing phenomenon as cannabis connoisseurs are also very eager to grow top-quality cannabis seeds in their backyard.

If you have been using your green thumb in growing regular marijuana seeds for some time, perhaps you are now thinking to “level up” your garden with specialized cannabis seeds. Yes, that is right. Cannabis breeders and cultivators have developed versions of cannabis strains, or seeds that will allow you to harvest fast yet will still give you high-quality seeds. 

Growing cannabis can be an enjoyable experience, especially because you are producing your cannabis products. But most cannabis strains can take time to harvest. Thankfully, seeds that can flower and harvest in a short time were developed, among them are fast version seeds and photo dependent cannabis seeds.

What are fast version cannabis seeds?

Fast version seeds are the faster version of a regular cannabis strain. What sets these seeds among the rest is its speed, which starts from the flowering stage and its sensitivity to the hours of light. Fast version seeds are produced by crossing a light-dependent strain with an autoflowering. The product is a fast or quick version seed, which is not auto, yet it develops faster among the rest.

Cannabis growers are now inclined to grow fast version cannabis seeds for several reasons:

  • They are fast. The biggest advantage of growing fast version cannabis strain is that you can harvest faster because of the quick flowering stage.
  • It gives you less chance of top rot. This is advantageous for outdoor growing. With a shorter growing period, the plants can be harvested before the rainy season, thus reducing the chance of a lost crop.
  • It can lower the growing cost.
  • More growing cycle. With a short cycle, you can harvest your plant in a short time. It will allow you to grow other plants after harvesting; thus, you can have many growing cycles in one season or one year.

The key to producing top quality yield with fast version cannabis seeds is to be very cautious with the light exposure. The light requirement of a fast version cannabis plant to proceed to the flowering stage is 12/12 or 12 hours od light and 12 hours of darkness or the light hours must exceed the dark hours. If your plant is in a vegetative stage with a light cycle of 18/6 or 18 hours of light and 6 hours of light, you must gradually change the light cycle to 12/ 12 so that it can proceed to the flowering stage. Remember, it will never proceed to the flowering stage if the hours of light are not the same or exceeds the hours of darkness.

What are Photodependent Feminized Genetic seeds?

Photodependent feminized seed is specialized seeds which are dependent on the period of light to bloom. The flowering period starts when the dark period hours increase. Most photoperiod cannabis strain will start to flower. During the vegetative stage, the cycle is the usual 18 hours of light and then 6 hours of darkness. Then you may change the cycle to 12/12. The plants will only flower when the light cycle is changed. 

Photodependent feminized genetic seeds can grow tall and produce big yield. They also have higher THC content, and they can be cloned.

Why fast version seeds are better than photo dependent genetic seeds?

Now you may need to decide which type of specialized seed you should grow in your garden. You might as well grow fast version cannabis seeds. Why?

  • Fast version seeds are FAST. Compared to other types of seeds, fast version cannabis strain can let you harvest in just a few weeks (6-9) weeks compared to photoperiod seeds, which takes at least 9 weeks.
  • Fast version seeds are also feminized seeds that can bring about top quality yield.
  • These seeds or strains have great taste and aroma. 
  • They can also produce potent products with high THC or CBD content.
  • Since fast version cannabis strains can be harvested faster compared to photo dependent seeds, it will allow you to harvest the plant in a short period and grow again, allowing you to have several cycles in a season. 
  • Cost. Growing fast version cannabis seeds is better than growing photo dependent seeds because it is economical. You can save in cost as it lowers bills associated with growing utilities.
  • Fast Return of Investment. If you are into the cannabis business, fast version cannabis seeds can help you with your business big time. The fact that they can be harvested fast with top quality products and you can grow several other batches in a season is good for the business.

So between fast version seed and photo dependent genetic seeds, you might want to choose the fast version seed as it is fast to grow, but it won’t comprise the quality of the end product and the high yield.

Growing cannabis can be fun, yet it can also be challenging. Cannabis growing is becoming a trend in the cannabis community that cannabis consumers are no longer just contented in using the weed for recreational or medical use. Many would like to test their green thumb in growing quality cannabis and produce quality cannabis end products in their jars.

With specialized cannabis seeds, it is important to check its difference with the regular cannabis strains. Knowing what to do and how to grow your cannabis is very important in the success of your cultivating journey. Many thanks to cannabis cultivators and breeders, cannabis growers don’t have to wait for a longer period of harvest as the development of specialized seeds paved way to strains that can be harvested in a short period and produce resinous yield.

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