Auto CBD Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Get ready for a mind-altering experience with Auto CBD Cheese strain. This is an updated version of the already cheesy Cheese XXL and thus has retained its distinct taste and smell. You’ll be consumed by its awesome high and its amazing therapeutic effects. Auto CBD Cheese also offers great yields and is one of the easiest to grow.

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More About Auto CBD Cheese

A Mind-Altering Cheesy Experience

Auto CBD Cheese is a CBD rich version of Cheese XXL. Cannabis enthusiasts would immediately recognize Cheese XXL with its distinct smell and taste. Those who want to smoke this kind of weed without having to deal with the mind-altering high will find this strain quite appealing. When properly cured, this strain has a very specific taste of cheese and spice.

While many are often drawn to its succinct taste, there are also a great number of people who smoke this strain for its many medical effects. Beginners are most likely going to enjoy this strain due to its low THC content while still having that blissful high and relaxed vibe. This also makes Auto CBD Cheese a great weed to smoke at night to cap off a stressful day.

With its soaring CBD levels, one would find more medical value with this strain. Used to provide pain relief, lower anxiety levels, and beat insomnia, this is a strain that proves to be a very potent medical marijuana. Growing this weed would be best done outdoors as it thoroughly enjoys the warm sunlight.

8 reviews for Auto CBD Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Marriot Lauren

    Marriot Lauren

    Oh man, y’all are missing out if you haven’t had this strain! Really takes away my depression, I was diagnosed with a mild level a few years back so I’ve been using pot every since. It’s got super tranquil effects, very therapeutic on the mind and body! Pretty well balanced, if you ask me. The cheesy and sour taste added a nice touch to the really powerful profile of this strain. Oh, and I’m not sure if this is normal but it was kinda minty? I liked it though, must have been the curing. Easy to grow and harvest, no fuss at all. Was able to keep them under pretty hot climates for the most part. They grew beautiful fat buds! Top of my list for sure.

  2. Avatar for Luka Soriano

    Luka Soriano

    Now this is something you can probably recognize from a mile away LOL! Its got this extremely cheesy and pungent scent, you’ll also get a hint of citrus when you break the buds apart! It has a really sour, bitter, and earthy taste that is just lovely! It’s a pretty fresh feeling compared to the rather sweet strains. High is great for finishing off my night, really helps with insomnia and makes me feel up and alive the next day! Super relaxing, couldn’t hear any dogs barking during my sleep haha! Also very easy to grow, small cute plant. I just place it right next to my windows as they require very little attention.

  3. Avatar for Marvin Mikels

    Marvin Mikels

    High quality seed with good customer service!. Auto CBD is easy to breed, i put it outdoor as it enjoys sunlight. Flowers visible when it reach 75 days of nurturing. It is a steady strain, has a long thin leaves with great yield potential. my plant grows about 140cm in height outdoor. A good strain to smoke at night chillin under the stars, more relax and peaceful,my backup to fight depression.Give a try now to taste that cheesy spicy flavor with that flowery orange scent, for sure you will have more and more on this in your yard.. Recommended!.

  4. Avatar for Jason


    I used to suffer from insomnia for days at a time but after discovering this, I’ve been sleeping like a baby! I also love the distinct smell and sour cheese flavor of this CBD strain! Totally unique! To cap it off, growing it in my secret garden is so easy! If you’re like me, get it now! You won’t regret it.

  5. Avatar for Roland Peterson

    Roland Peterson

    The sour cheese flavor is mind blowing! I was not expecting this CBD strain to taste like this. Couldn’t tell the difference from original cheese! There’s a very elevating high that keeps me focused and alarmed through the long part of the afternoon. it isn’t overwhelming though, caught some senses of relaxation in there as well. yummy flavors with an added bonus of classic weed! It was also really simple to cultivate. Kept mine under general grow conditions, nothing too fancy. The buds turned out just fine, very fat and crunchy.

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