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Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

(41 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Expand your mind with the auto-flower version of this cup-winning Haze from Holland. This uplifting sativa will ease anxiety, alleviate headaches and spark the creative fire within. Notes of lemon and spice bring on a psychedelic stone without the long grow time. Robust, medium-sized plants produce dense, resinous buds that mature in just 9 weeks.

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More About Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana

We believe all marijuana lovers deserve to grow their favorite strain as easily as possible, which is why we decided to add an auto-flowering version of Amnesia Haze autoflower marijuana to our product lines. This Sativa-dominant beauty is easy to moderate grow that takes 8-9 weeks to fully flower and can thrive both indoors and outdoors.

This incredibly popular strain has long been loved by growers and consumers alike. Measured at 15.50%, the THC content of this Spanish strain is a moderate level, but the combination of a higher level of CBD (1.21%) makes the high from Amnesia Haze something to relish.

This plant is dank in scent and taste, with an attractive yield as well. When grown outdoors, this Amnesia Haze auto-flower can give you up to 150g worth of yummy, dense flower. When grown indoors, this strain can yield up to 250g.

The effect of our Amnesia Haze auto-flowerer is mainly uplifting which is why it is commonly used by those suffering from anxiety and heavy stress. This strain can be used to combat headaches and boost creativity, perfect for those days when you need to get a lot done. If consumed more heavily, some users find there is a bit of psychedelic effect. Our auto-flowering Amnesia Haze is a well-rounded strain for those who want a little bit of everything.

41 reviews for Amnesia Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Customer


    This has been my favorite purchase from cks. I’ve grown probably 20 of these now, 100% germination in my experience, and the plants always have produced a minimum of 70g with some dedicated LST the last one I harvested 2 weeks ago finally dried and trimmed is my highest yielding amnesia haze yet at 119.6g of super rock hard bud. In my experience this strain has produced consistent results and similarities between each seed, which comes down to one thing, this amnesia strain comes from good genetics. I grow multiple seeds from different companies, but the amnesia haze is always my favorite for a mild all around good smoke. I always have a lab test done, mostly just for my own conscience (check for mold or other garbage) the thc consistency is amazing averaging around 14-17% not a high number, but its constant so that’s what I’m looking for. This is one strain I’ll always keep around.

  2. Avatar for Customer


    I have ordered amnesia haze auto 3 times. All seeds germinated and grew into lovely ladies . everyone that has tried love’s these girls. Great body high

  3. Avatar for Vapeaholics Anonymous

    Vapeaholics Anonymous

    My first pack of 5, only 2 germinated. CKS sent me another pack and the customer service was great. I have four in the tent doing great. Two are close to being done and two are about a week behind. They are lovely little compact auto’s.

  4. Avatar for Joe T

    Joe T

    Beautiful plant that is bug resistant and mold resistant, I grew three of the seeds and each plant was totally different but with excellent features to each one, only used nutrients 1 time under a 600hps and averaged 3 ounces per plant, very good sativa buzz with fast growing and dense characteristics of a nice indica, I will be growing this strain lots!

  5. Avatar for Trev


    Super fast and discreet shipping! Definitely using crop king for my future seed needs!!! 100% germination using their instructed technique, very satisfied!

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