Amnesia Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Quick flowering and easy to grow, Amnesia Flower is something that all marijuana growers want. This hybrid is for growers who have limited space and so little time to cultivate weed. It is also very palatable with a fantastic taste. It can clear your mind, energize your body that you’ll surely come back for more.

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More About Amnesia Autoflower 

An Energizing Take Of a Gentle Breed of Cannabis

There are a lot of beautiful marijuana strains that take their time to grow and produce massive amounts of yield. While this is highly recommended for those who have the time, growers who have limited space and time to cultivate weed would rather find ways to maximize their efforts. Amnesia Autoflower is a great recommendation for growers who have this experience. Its short flowering time manages to squeeze in only 65 days from germination to harvest.

Many of its effects stem from its Indica and Sativa roots, where the cerebral rush is very energizing. The sweet fruity flavor makes for a palatable and delicious taste. Those who are also after the medical benefits of this strain will not be disappointed as the calm, cerebral effects aim to clear your mind from stress and help you energize your body. This highly recommendable strain is ideal for daytime consumption and can also be a good nighttime strain to smoke.

4 reviews for Amnesia Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for ADQ subsistence grower

    ADQ subsistence grower

    Seeds arrived quickly and gave 100% germination.

  2. Avatar for Denise Taylor

    Denise Taylor

    I love this strain because it is so easy to grow outside but it is really fast to flower! The impact it offers is uplifting and energizing which is perfect for my needs. The fruity and sweet flavor is very overwhelming. Plus the outer look is very appealing maybe because of its frosty trichomes. All in all, growing this strain is very fulfilling!

  3. Avatar for John


    I just purchased a five pack and only received five. I’ve been buying seeds from you guys for around five years and always get seven. So far two have popped and one starting. Normally I get five or six out of seven so feeling good for at least for. I’m going to order ten more next week and wanted to know prior how many I’d get?

  4. Avatar for Cynthia Leventhal

    Cynthia Leventhal

    Most lovable strain! I can say so much positive with this one, because of its great characteristics. The plant is easy to grow. And no trouble at all. The germination rate is 95%, 8 out 10 of my seeds. It’s unique smell is good for me. I had so much energy that I enjoy the whole day for several tasks. I will recommend this one!

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