Bruce Banner Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Bruce Banner strain was created by Delta9 Labs using an OG Kush and a Strawberry Diesel. This not only denotes astronomical THC levels of up to 27%, but it also ensures a fantastic flavor profile that keeps a distinctive diesel fragrance combined with sweet berry tones.

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Strain Profile Info

Strain Parents: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
Strain Dominant: Sativa dominant
Flowering Time: 10-11 weeks
CBD Content: Low
THC Content: yp to 27%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Utilize Crop King Seeds‘ premium fast-flowering seeds for several harvests each season. For more information about Bruce Banner Autoflower Marijuana Seeds and the buds they generate, continue reading. Find out what makes them a useful addition to your weed garden.

What is Bruce Banner Strain?

Bruce Banner strain has an easy-to-follow and beautiful recipe. Many generations down the family tree, you’ll find the cultivars that are the foundation of the cannabis industry. The best traits of its parents can be seen in this plant, despite not being a first-generation offspring. Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush were crossed to create Bruce Banner. Then, what are those two strains? A hybrid from the 1990s named OG Kush revolutionized the cannabis seed industry. It is currently a go-to for many marijuana superstars and a top-tier, stress-relieving cultivar in and of itself. An extremely productive strain, you can anticipate yields of up to 600 gr/m2 with strong trichome production covering the buds and everywhere, producing a stunning hybrid with mild Sativa dominance and a whopping 25% THC that will leave you feeling inspired, at ease, and stress-free for hours on end. This tall type develops several flowering sites with vivid green buds and a terpene blend of sweet, berries, and diesel that makes for wonderful extractions and leaves a delectable flavor coating your lips after each hit. It takes 10–11 weeks for this plant to mature from seed to harvest.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Bruce Banner strain’s aroma is just as powerful as its high. You will be able to see that your strain is truly amazing a long time before harvest. It can assist to prepare for this beforehand to prevent the scent from spreading to your neighbors. Diesel and sweet fruits combine to create a distinctive aroma. As the scent of strawberry and gasoline is impossible to miss, true aficionados can identify it with just one whiff. You will enjoy yourself with just one breath. Strong fruit notes with a distinct strawberry sweetness immediately stand out. Also, there is a faint diesel undertone, albeit it is not as strong as the aroma. The flavor is really mild overall, especially when you consider how strong the plant is. Bruce Banner strain develops a tall main cola that can reach a height of 150 cm, flanked by a number of side branches, and thin-fingered, rather large fan leaves that sprout out of nowhere. This variety demonstrates the best of both worlds thanks to careful selection and breeding; it is a generally tall variety with long, uniform side branches that get covered in buds by harvest and a compact structure that enables anybody to grow it, despite its height.

Growing Information of Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner strain is tough and intense, just like the giant green hero. They are simple to cultivate both indoors and outdoors, and they always manage to knock you out. In either case, be on the lookout for the potent aroma, which is impossible to miss like the rest of the plant. Plan your grow in advance and install some aroma filters if you think your neighbors might object. Bruce Banner strain is one of many compact, bushy autoflowering plants that are an excellent choice for making the most of your available area. Because autoflower types don’t have enough time to recover before flowering, avoid stress training these plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bruce Banner Autoflower?

In just under 11 weeks, the enormous Sativa-dominant hybrid Bruce Banner Auto will grow to a height of 150 cm and produce up to 600 gr/m2.

How tall does a Bruce Banner Autoflower get?

About 110-150cm

7 reviews for Bruce Banner Strain Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Brian


    always a great experience growing your seeds
    White widow and revolver are my top so far

  2. Avatar for GreyBushNgrowin MI

    GreyBushNgrowin MI

    I grew 2 with other breeder Autoflowers. These things were beast. Grew fast and big, flowered 25 days in and was done 69 days from popping. 3×3 tent 3gal fabric, DTE organics, recharge (a knockoff no name LED) 75g & 80g of very tasty dense bud.. still curing but gets taste tested everyday

  3. Avatar for Ron Kambeitz

    Ron Kambeitz

    This was the first time growing, and crop king has a good reputation so I bought 5 Bruce Banner auto from them. They came a week later with no issues. Of the 5, only 4 germinated, but Crop King assures 80% will at the least. I’ll say now that a full information breakdown of the plant and growing times etc, of these seeds, would be a huge assistance !!! The plants reached about 34”- 38” and had full buds with ALOT of tricomes. It’s a must to LST to get a large yield, otherwise the huge centre cola is all you’ll get. I know because 3 of my 4 got the LST, to see the difference in yields. It was noticeable. That being said, I’ve got 12 ounces of dried buds from the 4 plants. On another, but pertinent topic, is the drying and curing of this strain. It took my crop in a tent at 45% rh ( then 40%) and a carbon scrubber on 2wks to dry upside down. In jars now for 1.5 months and be damned if the stuff isn’t wayyyy more potent than at time of jarring. It’s also the absolute smoothest weed I’ve ever smoked (30yrs exp). The information is out there to grow potent weed that tastes like nothing you’ve ever bought !! Read and follow it and you’ll be very happy……with whatever strain you buy. Gotta do the research. Anyway, I’ll be purchasing more products from them due to a happy outcome of my first grow. Thanks CKS

  4. Avatar for Tom munson

    Tom munson

    Good seeds they stand buy them and the help is excellent

  5. Avatar for The Anonymous G.I.B

    The Anonymous G.I.B

    First time ever buying seeds online…was skeptical at first but was amazed at how quickly my package arrived…can’t yet speak on quality but these people are definitely trust worthy so far

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