Galaxy Strain Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Galaxy Strain is a potent Indica that will lead you through the universe’s greatest mysteries. This strain grows dense buds covered with crystallized resin and has a short life cycle. Also, the genetics of its parent strains were combined, giving it a delicious flavor and scent. The Galaxy Strain does a fantastic job of producing effects that would make its consumers feel like they were flying through space because of its high levels of THC which reaches up to 20%. This strain will likely provide 500–1500 grams of buds per plant for outdoor gardeners. Experience the best of both worlds with Crop King Seeds Galaxy Strain’s potent buds and easy growth. Take advantage of our free shipping on orders above 200$.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica Dominant
Parents: Afghani x Northern Lights
Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks
Climate: Warm and Dry Climate
Yield: Medium
Flavor: Mint, Fresh, Pine, Sweet
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Short
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What is Galaxy Strain?

Galaxy Strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by combining two potent cannabis strains, Northern Lights and Afghani, with Ruderalis genetics. It is a strong Indica-dominant strain with a lot of THC that might be utilized to relax and take it all in. With its 20% THC content, this cannabis variety high THC content produces strong and enduring effects.

Strain Effects

Similar to a deep space high, its high starts with a strong mental bliss that lifts the mood and causes invigorating effects in mind. Also, this strain’s high is true to its description, giving consumers the impression that they are flying through the air. It could also make you feel amazing and make you giggle. Once the head high subsides, an Indica body high develops. This cannabis strain offers full relaxation that is both strong and long-lasting. You might anticipate a sedating all-over high.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Galaxy Strain Autoflowering offers potent yet delicious flavors and scents that make everything around it feel brand-new and fragrant. Its taste is identical to its original version, sweet but overwhelming in the nose, with undeniable notes of pine and unique minty tastes. Its scent is akin to pine and woodland, with hints of skunk, and its flavor is similar to its original version. Although the branches of the strain grow quickly, as they support the weight of the buds, they tend to become thinner. Under the lights, the trichomes sparkle like the thousands of stars and galaxies that make up the night sky.

Growing Information of Galaxy Strain

Growing the Galaxy Strain is a relatively easy process. It is also regarded as one of the most productive autoflowering cannabis cultivars. Its autoflowering qualities enable it to finish flowering in 7–8 weeks while exhibiting active and quick growth. The typical height of this cannabis strain is only a few inches. Still, it produces big buds that need to be supported to prevent the branches from snapping under their weight. This weed strain is extremely resilient to fungi, pests, molds, and any plant disease and does well inside and outdoors. While the flowering phase of indoor plants takes 55 days, outside farmers must harvest this strain by mid-September. It is a rather small plant that can grow 50–130 cm tall, which highlights how tiny the Galaxy is in the context of the cosmos as a whole.

Medical Benefits of Galaxy Strain

Galaxy Strain has a highly potent and enduring effect. From a medical standpoint, it is used for anxiety, anorexia, chemotherapy, insomnia, and pain treatment. Galaxy Strain is widely utilized for people with stress since it has quick and strong effects. This Galaxy Weed Strain offers its users several health advantages. Due to its potent and immediate impact, it is regarded as an excellent weed strain suitable for recreational and medical users. The Galaxy strain is well known for its ability to reduce pain and ease tension in the muscles. Moreover, it promotes sound sleep, which may be quite helpful for people with insomnia. Furthermore, this cannabis can aid in treating stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Galaxy a good strain?

Galaxy has a fantastic yield, which makes it a fairly exceptional strain. It’s one of our most fruitful plants and has many characteristics of an Indica. It grows really quickly for an Indica plant. Occasionally, stems aren’t strong enough to support the weight of their buds. The strain tastes deliciously of mint.

Is Galaxy Strain suitable for beginners?

This strain will be simple for growers of all levels. They are naturally resistant to mold development and harsh weather, so you won’t need to worry too much about the environment around your setup.

What adverse effects are expected with the Galaxy Strain?

Cottonmouth is the most frequent adverse reaction that the Galaxy strain can cause. It’s possible for some people to have dry and irritated eyes. Although it does not cause couch lock, its users could feel lethargic as a result. The high THC content might have intimidating effects and produce vertigo. Large amounts of anxiety and paranoia are likely to occur.


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