Galaxy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Galaxy Autoflowering Strain is an Indica-dominant and is the product of crossbreeding two strong cannabis strains, Afghani and Northern Lights, with Ruderalis genetics thrown to it. This cannabis strain has a short life cycle, high-yielding, and grows thick buds with crystals resins. It is a potent Indica-dominant with a high THC content that could be used to enjoy the moment. Also, the combining of its parent strains genetics, giving it a delightful taste and aroma. Galaxy Autoflowering Strain does an excellent job creating effects that would make its users fly in outer space.

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Galaxy Autoflower Strain Specification

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Afghani x Northern Lights
Flowering Period: 7-8 Weeks
Climate: Warm and Dry Climate
Yield: Medium
Flavors: Mint, Fresh, Pine, Sweet
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Short
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Galaxy Autoflower Strain?

Galaxy Autoflower Strain has intense yet delectable tastes and aromas, making anything around it seems new and fresh. Its smell is similar to pine and forest, with hints of skunk, and its taste is similar to its original version, which is sweet but overpowering in the nose, with undeniable hints of pine and distinct minty tastes. This cannabis strain has a high THC content, which results in potent and long-lasting effects. Its high begins with a heavy mental euphoria that uplifts the mood and induces energizing effects in the mind, similar to a deep space high. Furthermore, the high of this strain accurately describes the high, allowing users to perceive the sensation of flying in spaces. It could also make you feel great and make you laugh. An Indica body sensation grows as the head high fades away. This cannabis strain induces complete relaxation that is both potent and long-lasting.

What are the Medical Benefits of Galaxy Autoflower Strain?

Users will reap a variety of medical benefits from this cannabis strain. It is considered an amazing cannabis strain suitable for recreational and medical users due to its strong and immediate effects. Galaxy Autoflowering strain is famous for its pain-relieving and muscle-tension properties. Furthermore, it encourages restful sleep, which could be extremely beneficial to those suffering from insomnia. This cannabis strain can also help with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Galaxy Autoflower Strain

The most common side effect that Galaxy Autoflower strain can trigger is cottonmouth. Some people may experience dry and itchy eyes. It does not trigger couch-lock, but it may certainly leave its users feeling sluggish. The effect can be daunting and trigger dizziness because of its high THC level. Anxiety and paranoia are likely to occur in large doses.

How to Grow Galaxy Autoflower Strain

Galaxy Auto Strain is a relatively simple plant to grow. Also, it is known as one of the most active autoflowering cannabis strains with high yields. Its autoflowering properties complete its flowering time with 7 to 8 weeks while displaying energetic and rapid development. This cannabis strain normally grows just as few inches tall but generates large buds that would need support to keep the branches from breaking under their weight. This cannabis strain thrives well in both outdoors and indoors environments and is highly resistant to fungi, pests, molds, and any plant disease.


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