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Lambs Breath Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

(113 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Auto-flowering and easy to grow, Lambs Breath thrives in both outdoor and indoor settings. Lambs Breath was Bob Marley’s favorite strain and is known for its focus, creative and energetic properties. Great for reducing stress and anxiety, this Jamaican strain is a great way to start the day positive.

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More About Lambs Breath Autoflower

The origins of this strain can be traced back to Jamaica, where it grew in the wild. More recently, this strain has become increasingly in-demand, though it is difficult to find in North America. For this reason, if you want to experience the benefits of this strain, growing your own plants is the easiest way to do so.

As a strong sativa, you can expect that this strain will give you that exciting cerebral high, which is evident early on as the high starts to kick in. It also features a high content of THC, ranging from 19 to 25% on average. The high kicks in fast, influencing the mind almost instantly, while simultaneously energizing the entire body.

Lambs Breath is also endowed with a unique and distinct aroma. You can immediately smell its skunky and cheesy odor, which is often associated with the smell of fresh tobacco. It features some hints of woody, sour and piney flavors, all of which are pungent scents. The smoke, however, is different from its aroma, as it features creamy and sweet elements making the smoke not only delicious, but pleasurable to inhale at the same time. If you grow this plant you will immediately notice that the buds radiate a vibrant and pure green. The buds are massive and filled with frosty trichomes all over. If you are curious about what Bob Marley may have been smoking when he wrote his greatest hits, you’ve got to give Lambs Breath a try.

113 reviews for Lambs Breath Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jennifer Woods

    Jennifer Woods

    I grew Lamb’s Breath outdoors in Ontario this summer, and I’m a pretty inexperienced grower. I found the ones that got more shade in the day grew a little smaller, so they like light/sun. They started popping small flower buds very early, which was new for me having never grown an autoflower, and I feared it may have gone hermaphrodite because of cold nights. But no, they did great and yielded about an ounce per plant within 8 weeks, and some of the nicest weed I’ve ever used! I gave so much of it away to friends that enjoy an energetic sativa, and they all raved over it, and now I need to buy more seeds. This is exactly the strain I wanted, and these seeds produced wonderful plants. Next round I’ll try indoors over the winter, fingers crossed they get even bigger this time.

  2. Avatar for MDM


    My new favorite daytime strain. Hits every note for me when it comes to getting things done, staying happy, relaxed (yet focused), decent on pain, has amazing taste when grown organically with a super soil mix. It’s just an overall great bud to grow and it’s got a really fun high that lasts.

  3. Avatar for Brent Willis

    Brent Willis

    I bought my lambs breath seeds from my local hydroponics store (crop king seeds). I was worried about them germinating as they were on a rack out in the store exposed to sunlight. I soaked them in water for about 18 hours. Planted them directly into 5 gallon pots under domes and 4 days later the sprouts were 1/2″ tall with their first true set of leaves! 100% germination! Nice..

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