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The resin produced by Lemon Haze Autoflower is of the highest quality and is ideal for generating strong concentrates, oils, and edibles. Beyond the typical effects of a Sativa-dominant strain, Lemon Haze Autoflower has additional benefits. One of the strains with the greatest reported resin production rates. Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain with a 25% THC concentration.

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Strain Profile Info

Strain Parents: Lemon Skunk x Silver Haze
Strain Dominant: Sativa-dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
CBD Content: 0.4%
THC Content: 17-25%
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

It is a short-lived breed that only grows to a height of 60 to 120 cm, yet despite this, it may produce well, up to 500 grams of yield per plant outside and 400 grams per square meter indoors. It features citrus, spice, and lemon notes. With autoflower seeds from Crop King Seeds, you can detonate the feel-good bomb in half the time.

What is Lemon Haze?

This hybrid, a Sativa-dominant strain with THC levels ranging from 17% to 25%, is related to Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. The flavor of the strain is most likely the result of this uncommon hybrid. Even inexperienced growers will succeed and produce high-quality crops thanks to this strain’s ability to sprout and grow almost anywhere. This strain will particularly appeal to those seeking pain relief.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

With a name like Lemon Haze, it is probably fairly clear what the main aroma will be. If you’ve fallen asleep on the couch, opening a sac of this might be enough to wake you up by itself. When you light it, you’ll notice a strong fresh lemon peel aroma with some spicy herbal undertones. This one sticks to its own course and doesn’t provide many surprises. Once you exhale, the flavors of citrus and herbs will continue to linger on your tongue. It works as a prompt for the source of your joyful feeling! Despite its modest stature, the Lemon Haze has multiple lateral branches, a strong center, and tiny, thin leaves. It also has mid-distance nodes. The white blooms on this specimen are the perfect contrast to the strong lemon aroma it emits.

Growing Information of Lemon Haze

You’re a little apprehensive because you’re new to cultivating your own greens. Then you should try this strain! You’ll feel skilled when you grow the Lemon Haze. They are undoubtedly a pleasure to grow due to their exceptional durability, enormous, high-quality production, and popularity with beginners. These are autoflowering cannabis seeds, which don’t depend on light cycles and may be grown at any time of the year. Another benefit is that they frequently develop faster than regular seeds. Because of the speedier harvest times, you will be able to grow more frequently throughout the year, ensuring that you always have a fresh supply of premium maryjane. These weed seeds will be of great use to those who lead busy lives. They don’t need nearly as much care and attention as other marijuana seeds. These are the closest thing to a “put it and forget it” plant you can find, albeit not quite. While growing these weed seeds indoors, you should use a consistent 18- and 6-hour light cycle. But this strain doesn’t provide anything else but that. For newcomers and harried cultivators, it doesn’t get any better than this.

As autoflower Sativa varieties don’t grow much taller than four feet, space shouldn’t be an issue for farmers while growing inside. Another reason why this strain is great for growing inside. After roughly 8 to 9 weeks of blooming, you should anticipate a generous 1.15 to 1.31 ounces per square foot. In the past, growing marijuana from seeds was challenging if you lived somewhere that didn’t get much sunlight. Yet thanks to the seeds of the Lemon Haze, this is now a thing of the past. They are hardy and robust plants, so they can withstand more severe weather. If it is not too frigid or icy, they will be in good health! If grown properly, each plant has the capacity to produce up to 17 ounces. Potential growers are drawn to the Lemon Haze because it offers several crucial advantages for cultivation. One of the biggest benefits of autoflower cannabis seeds is how easy they are to grow and maintain. They are consequently an obvious choice for novice gardeners. People of all skill levels enjoy these tiny strains. Autoflower strains are suitable for small-space indoor growers because they maintain a compact size while being easy to grow. Also, autoflower seeds don’t need any photoperiod regulation. The blooming of these plants will begin naturally without the need for changing lighting schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lemon Haze a strong strain?

a THC content of 21%. Because of its 21% THC content, Lemon Haze is a Sativa-dominant beast with strong euphoric effects. The majority of seasoned users will surely be happy with the potency of this high, and it might give the novices out there a memorable night.

How long does Lemon Haze take to flower?

You can anticipate your Lemon Haze to flower in about 8–9 weeks if it was planted inside. Some strains can flower in as little as 7 weeks under perfect growth conditions, while others can take up to 10 weeks.

What does Lemon Haze smell like?

Lemon Haze is said to taste and smell like just-peeled and-cut lemon slices. With amber hairs on the trichomes, its buds have a golden sheen and appear to be green and yellow. This strain contains 0.38 mg of CBD and a THC concentration of approximately 15-20%.

3 reviews for Lemon Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Travis


    Popped two of these ladies into the soil last week after paper towel. Now they are both doing great at about third node right now and lush green growing them in two gallon pots to test them before I put them in five gallon pots . All in all great strain so far can’t wait for our come.

  2. Avatar for Pjay Page

    Pjay Page

    Ordered 5 seeds all 5 popped from seed to finish took 10 weeks and end result was just shy of 132 grams thank you crop king ( lemon haze autos)

  3. Avatar for gord moir

    gord moir

    first time buyer

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