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Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

(67 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

One of our most famous strains is Northern Lights Auto-Flower. This 8-week compact, fast, and dense strain is a favorite amongst many. With frosted buds and a light honey-musk aroma blended with an earthy Afghan undertone, this easy to grow strain is a favorite for both connoisseur quality and commercial quantity. Not just that, it is also very potent with a THC level of over 15%.

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More About Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights autoflower marijuana seeds have been one of the most popular strains on the market for a long time now, and for good reason. The Northern Lights family is known for its undeniably memorable scent and one-of-a-kind stone. This is why we decided to take this beautiful plant and turn it into an auto-flowering strain.

This award-winning strain thrives in both indoor and outdoor grows. The flowering time lasts a mere 8 weeks. Northern Lights is 70% indica, 20% sativa, and 10% ruderalis. The THC content is moderate-high at 15.08%, and the yields can be anywhere between 150g outdoors and 250g indoors.

Northern Lights Auto-Flower produces fat, heavy, and dense frosted buds reeking of a unique combination of musk and honey on top of a full, earthy Afghan base. The effect is very much Northern Lights from beginning to end, a unique kind of high that leaves the body feeling great and the mind refreshed. As a Cannabis Cup winner and a crowd favorite, this strain is guaranteed to give you and your friends comfortable laziness and happy, mellow time. Regardless if you are growing marijuana for personal or commercial use, having Northern Lights Auto-flowering is the best thing you can do to your collection.

67 reviews for Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Northbud


    Started all 5 exactly as instructions said, all 5 germinated well 1 died immediately (my fault) 2 are runty but also would blame myself, never grown autos ,2 are great kept small and bushy, literally 2 months after planting started budding they look amazing now its been 2 weeks also started 2 green crack fem both look amazing also 5 white widow 4 popped right away about to be planted, so far amazing results from these guys, this isn’t like gettin some seeds from a “buddy” anymore this is the real deal thank you so much will continue to use these products!

  2. Avatar for Vinny


    Strange journey with this plant. Only germinated 2 of 5. One was a mutant so I dumped it. The other grew as excepted, LST it and it brushed out nicely. The thing is, it took 2 full months to the day to start flower. CKS says 8 week flower time, well I’m in week 10 of flower, tons of fat swollen nugs, 90% pistils brown, smells amazing but very few amber trichomes. Watching everyday, keeping humidity around 40, hoping to chop soon.

  3. Avatar for JohnnyTwoShits


    So! I have nice things to say overall about CropKing! And the reason is they turned a negative growers choice experience around for me. I order some seeds from a competitor who’s name of Growers Choice i will not mention. And after my order, I waited, and I waited, and then…I waited. Shipment got stuck, so they said they would re-ship my order, they also gave me a coupon code for 15% off my next order. Very kind, but still dont have seeds, still paid 15$ for shipping, and nothing to show for it. Then about a week later the shipment that was stuck moved and it showed up here. Thank god for this because GC never re-shipped the shipment, which means if I didnt get this stroke of luck that the first shipment moved again Id be out of everything! So anyway, I was annoyed about this and decided to call and order from crop king. Seeds showed up ASAP, and if the genetics with this NL is like some of the genetics i got from friends sharing seeds that thye had bought from copking then i imagine ill have a great summer! Lastly! I got a cool gold pin with my seeds and I am quite susceptible to bribes so thank you crop king! LOL I love it! rocking it on my hat right now as I man the phones at one of canada’s badass LP’s thanks guys!!!

  4. Avatar for Dave Brunton

    Dave Brunton

    I will say the customer service is great and hope this next batch is great.

  5. Avatar for Oldfox


    My seeds had a hundred percent germination. I’ve used crop king seeds for at least five years now, you for great to do business with!! Here in New England, you don’t always get the perfect summer for outdoor growing, so the auto flowering is the way to go. I love this hobby

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