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Strawberry Cough Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana strain has earned several awards because of its effects and distinct taste. It’s an Indica-dominant strain that’s a cross between Blackberry and Afghani strains, resulting in this marijuana strain that looks and smells like strawberry with a sativa punk. The majority of this marijuana strain’s characteristics came from its sativa parent—the influence of the ruderalis addition on its height and flowering time. Despite being arranged with a ruderalis to create an autoflowering array, the mind and body effect has been preserved. Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana strain has dense buds covered with tiny red hairs making this marijuana strain standout. It has a THC level of 22%.

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Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specification

Type Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents   Blackberry x Afghani
Flowering Period 8-9 weeks
Climate Sunny Warm
Yield 300-500 grams
Flavors Berry Honey Butter
THC Level 22%
CBD Level 0.1%
Height Medium
Harvest Period October
Growing Difficulty Easy

What are the Effects and Flavor of Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

In terms of taste and aroma, the Strawberry Cough seeds autoflowering variety has a unique flavor and aroma. It blends berry, honey, and butter flavors. It has uplifting properties and emits a euphoric aura, making you feel and appear happier. You’ll feel energized, as though a bolt of energy has passed through your body, and you’ll be able to tackle any project or mission. You will feel relaxed when you experience euphoria and the incredible release of energy. This excellent calming effect will allow you to stay concentrated and productive at work. Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana strain will fill your mind and body with a soothing sensation, which you will bring to social gatherings and interactions. You’ll have charge of the situation before the effects of the pressure have worn off.

What are the Medical effects of Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana Strain?

According to medical research, the Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana strain helps treat long-term mood disorders. Users may notice a decrease in anxiety or stress as their energy and creativity increase. It has potent analgesic properties that can help you deal with a wide range of pains, including headaches, migraines, muscle pains, strains, and chronic pain. You don’t have to think about any dangerous side effects or dependency because this is a natural analgesic. It is a burden for physical or mental exhaustion. Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana strain will relieve fatigue and leave you feeling more energized and ready to tackle the various tasks and projects at hand.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana strain has common adverse effects the dry eyes and dry mouth caused by its THC content. You can also feel nausea, dizziness, and paranoia. 

How to Grow Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Strawberry Cough Autoflower Marijuana strain is an easy to grow plant and can thrive indoors and outdoors. Cultivators must cultivate this strain in soil rich in organic nutrients, they can also pick from several cannabis-friendly soil mixes on the market, and there is no unique soil mix for this strain. Choose a sandy-clayey soil that can absorb more water and nutrients if at all possible. In addition to eliminating excess nutrients and water, this type of soil allows oxygen to enter the roots. Its flowering time will be 8-9 weeks and produce a bountiful yield of 300-500 grams. Growing this cannabis strain indoors needs a greenhouse setup; using this SoG method is required to achieve its average yield. Warm temperature can develop these high-quality buds. Outdoor setups are usually ready to harvest in October with a medium height.


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