Candy Cane Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Fruity and sour in flavor, this 7-week strain is one of our sweetest tasting auto-flowering strains. Super easy to grow, this strain is a very strong, long-branching plant with a moderately high yield. An exotic strain with a long lasting and euphoric high, this strain is well loved by our customers because of its flavor and effect. The THC level of Candy Cane can reach up to 17.81% with CBD of 0.01% and CBN of 0.40%. It provides its smoker with a long-lasting body buzz.

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Additional Information

More About Candy Cane Autoflower

This Candy Cane variant is an auto-flowering feminized strain that is categorized as an easy grow. The flowering time is amazingly short at a mere 7 weeks, and this strain can grow both indoors and outdoors. This variant is indica-dominant at 60% indica, with 30% sativa and 10% ruderalis.

Nothing makes these seeds more attractive than their potency. Measuring more than 17%, their THC content ranges anywhere from moderate to high. This strain’s yield is 200g indoors and 100g outdoors. Candy Cane is the offspring of AK47, Mango, and White Widow.

This strain got its name for an obvious reason: it is incredibly sweet. Its scent and flavor are both fruity and exotic. The effect of Candy Cane is mostly euphoric. There is a lot of body buzz that comes with it, and it lasts for hours. You can lie down throughout most of the day and just enjoy the smooth and sweet sugary high induced by this strain. There are many sweet and fruity strains out there, but only Candy Cane offers this pure, unadulterated bliss.
We recommend that you add our auto-flowering feminized Candy Cane to your collection if you are looking for a sweet and exotic variant for your garden. This is also an ideal option if you are a fan of sweets and the happy buzz they offer. Smoking Candy Cane is an instant cheer up

46 reviews for Candy Cane Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Chronic doobie (verified owner)

    Got 10 of the candy cane only one died. However at nine plants to work with along with others I did not trim them or pull them over as this was my first time using LED lights normally I grow with 1000 w Ballasts. So I wanted to be careful at what I was doing I am very satisfied with the seeds and they work really well under LED. By the way I am now selling my 1000w ballasts.

  2. Arthur Jones

    This is my first grow I have my seeds all germinated, I got 5 that have popped looking much better, still has small leaves, but it is also still growing the leaves larger. it is also starting to sprout they all look healthy so far wish me luck on a fulfilling and safe grow!

  3. Michael D wallace

    This train is very easy to grow heavy budding lots of weight great smell real thick I have beautiful photos of this train very impressed have bought it again

  4. Dexter Marcil

    Such a great genetics from Crop King! I really believe on my seeds. They are all a successful plants. Very potent. I am wondering if I can export it and do some business too with CK. Let me know if that will work.

  5. Agnes Kovalyova

    Thank you for delivering it so fast. You guyzz are so great. Making it all possible. Your products are all good. Everything I bought here germinated and all grown. So Im very impressed. CK Rocks!

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