Lemon Jack Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Lemon Jack Autoflower Strain is the offspring  Lemon Kush and Jack Herer, and it’s a 70/30 mix of Sativa and Indica.  An unnamed breeder developed the Lemon Jack autoflower strain.  This strain is perfect for consumers in the morning or the afternoon due to its stimulating effects. Lemon Jack auto makes users get high and go about their day. The THC levels in the Lemon Jack Strain range between 13 and 18 percent. This marijuana strain develops to be quite bushy and easy to grow for the novice; it also grows well in such a wide range of climates. It can also manage psychological conditions, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and severe pain.

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Lemon Jack Autoflower Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (70% ), Feminized
Genetics Parents: Jack Herer x Lemon Kush
Flowering Period: 10-11 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 350 – 500 g/m2 Indoor / 500 gr/plant Outdoor
Flavors: Pine, Lemon, Sweet, Citrus
THC Level: 13-18%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Lemon Jack Autoflower?

When consuming this strain, the first thing you’ll ever notice is the fantastic citrusy lemon scent, and at the same time, it gives your sweet profiles. There’s a taste of vanilla and pine in there as well. It has a fragrance that is almost similar to the scent. A sour kick of lemon hits the tongue first, then sweetens with time. When you exhale, you’ll get a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, similar to what you get from nutmeg. 

The Lemon Jack Autoflower initial effects could make the consumers feel the wave of euphoric buzz that will indeed entirely revitalized them. You get the feeling that you won’t be able to sit still or stay in a spot, as you’ll want to complete any job you’re working. It includes both fun and artistic practices. You should begin to experience a burst of socializing, which will allow you not only to be socially active indefinitely but also to laugh often.

What are the Medical Benefits of Lemon Jack Autoflower?

The medicinal benefits are immediately apparent, given Lemon Jack Strains’ powerful and pleasant outcomes. You may use this potent Sativa-dominant hybrid to help with a variety of social and mental issues. If you suffer from depression or other diseases, this strain will help you get out of your head and enjoy yourself. 

Lemon Jack Autoflower is sometimes used by some people to treat long-term pain problems and to alleviate anxiety. After all, there is more to job dissatisfaction and stress than for; it is about assisting individuals who are suffering from severe and profound diseases. You can alleviate all kinds of irritating symptoms by applying this strain, both physical and mental, but the best thing about Lemon Jack marijuana strains is how good they make you feel. This strain can uplift and empower you, providing you with the tools you want to be the most robust version of yourself.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Lemon Jack Autoflower 

And since Lemon Jack Autoflower is a fantastic strain, it has a lot of side effects.  Bloodshot eyes, as well as a dry mouth, have been stated by certain users.  Adverse effects cause nausea, blurred vision, paranoia, and anxiety if consumed in massive amounts.

How to Grow Lemon Jack Autoflower Seeds

One of the most annoying aspects of raising your marijuana plants at home is when they start to grow too tall rather than fully matured. Some horizontal development is good for the plant’s vegetative growth, but it’s not so great for trying to have a productive bud. Because of their innate propensity for going wide rather than tall, you don’t even need to break off the top of the growth. Even though Lemon Jack has a bit heavier flowering time of around ten weeks, it is still a solid strain for development regardless of the effort. You can effectively cultivate without much effort if you keep it well-watered and protect it against pests.

Lemon Jack Autoflower marijuana seeds can be grown indoors and can be harvest in late October, and it is best suited to colder climates. Outdoor temperatures must be comfortable for the crop to survive, so growing indoors is recommended. Choose a location that is on the larger side since this plant grows to be pretty gigantic, around 6ft tall.


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