Purple Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Purple Haze Auto is a sativa-leaning strain that offers feel-good effects. It is the best strain for growers because it grows well outdoors and has amazing recreational and medicinal potential. It is very effective for the relief of pain, headaches, depression, and anxiety. It is a strain for better sleep and thus should be smoked at nighttime.

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Additional Information

More About Purple Haze Autoflower

The Feel-Good Sativa

Purple Haze Autoflower is a Sativa dominant strain with very unique and exotic heritage. The fact that this feel-good strain has been crossed with a Ruderalis strain made it the go-to strain for growers all over the world. A cross between Haze and Purple Thai, together with an unknown Ruderalis strain, this hybrid is known for its dream-like euphoria that bends reality.

Apart from its mind-altering high, its medical benefits also elevate its status as medical cannabis. One can find solace from depression when you begin smoking this weed. Doctors often recommend this hybrid strain when you are often depressed or anxious. It calms down the nerves and relaxes any tense muscles, thereby helping you sleep better at night.

This strain grows well in a cooler climate and is often cultivated outdoors. This weed represents what a Sativa leaning plant should be like by letting you experience all of its ups and downs.

2 reviews for Purple Haze Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Moko128D

    my 5 seeds all popped. Some slower then others. Going into 5th week of flowering and the size and smell is beautiful

  2. Angus

    Have grown numerous strains from Cropking. Purple haze auto seems to be a weak seed/strain. First batch of 5 seeds only 1 tap rooted. Cropking honoured their guarantee, sent 5 more seeds. From those seeds only 2 tap rooted. The one that did flower had an amazing fruity smell…drying now.

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