Purple Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Purple Kush Autoflower is an automatic version of the Purple Kush, one of the most potent indicas in the market. It is great for relaxing and for curbing insomnia, stress, anxiety, and all forms of pain. It has a warm rush that may be too much for beginners, but expert consumers will surely love its strong and lasting effects.

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More About Purple Kush Autoflower

An Upgraded Version of A Legendary Strain

Purple Kush has its work cut out for this strain, as it is regarded as one of the best Indica strains in the world. However, it meets expectations due to its potent and beneficial effects. Bred from a very harsh environment in the Hindu Kush regions near Afghanistan, the addition of a Ruderalis strain made this hybrid’s growth stable and resilient while providing even better yields.

This exceptionally sweet strain is effective against anybody’s pain and insomnia. Its effects render its user immobilized. The warm euphoric rush can be overwhelming for new users, but seasoned ones are most likely going to enjoy its long-lasting high. Once you succumb to its blissful high, this earthy flavored marijuana renders you unable to feel any pain in the body, which makes it perfect for chronic pain sufferers.

This auto version checks all the boxes when it comes to fast growth, potent effects, therapeutic value, and yield.

11 reviews for Purple Kush Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Noah


    All 5 seeds are now showing taproots! Successful germinating!! Cant wait for it to start sprouting!

  2. Avatar for MrEBK


    Order the seeds and received them in about a weeks time. Packaging was very discreet. Only germinated one seed because I have only room for one. Followed the germination instructions and everything was fine.

  3. Avatar for mac


    I have been buying from the King for a few years now and are always happy with the quality of the seeds. Comes in a reasonable time frame and almost always have a 80% germ rate or better, these purple kush seeds were no exception. One small complaint this time; I had 15 beautiful 4ft obvious purple kush plants and one 8ft sativa that hit the tent ceiling completely different genetics. I think Ernie from sesame street sang about it …

  4. Avatar for GH 3.0 MD (youtube)

    GH 3.0 MD (youtube)

    came in 8 days, not bad. 100% Germination in two, days. None of them got, Helmet head. Grade A Genetics here. Second purchase and I couldn’t be happier. Fyi use coco choir/ perlite blend 50/50 and RO water. PH 6.1 and no nuts for first week accept cal mag!! Thanks CK’s and Good luck!!

  5. Avatar for John


    Very pleased with grade of seeds and selection of seeds. Thank y’all

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