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How to Tell if You Got a Bad Weed

How to Tell if You Got a Bad Weed

In your adventure to acquire a great smoking experience, extensive research can help you go further. You may know what to buy and where to buy your stash. You may also know what should be the properties and effects that it can offer. Yet, you may have found the right product for you; still, you need to make sure that the quality of weed you will be receiving is a good one. 

Just like other cannabis users, you do not want to be in the position where you get tricked and ultimately smoke a poor quality weed. In this article, we will be discussing some pointers and facts to tell if you have a bad weed. You may want to believe it or not; you do not need to have a higher practice of a profession to be very literate in understanding these things. 

What are the things to consider? 

In buying buds online, you, as a consumer, should be prepared at a worst-case scenario. Yet, being a smart one, spending a lot of money on something that you may regret after should have to be thought twice—preventing yourself from regretting means you have to know what to avoid. 

There are various ways to identify if a weed is a bad one; you should consider the amount of seed and stem, the trim and the structure of the buds, its smell and character, the shelf system, and trichome count. 

Amount of seed and stem

In the wonderful world of cannabis supremacy, getting a lovely, powerful, and flavorful weed is one that no one dares to neglect. Still, there may be some things to be prepared for, especially those worst cases. 

If you have experienced buying weed from the streets, you can expect that the product you just purchased includes many seeds and stems. Just imagine spending more than 50 bucks for something then only to find out that half of the weed you just bought is invaluable; the feeling will be very frustrating. 

Seeds and stems cannot be smoked. While stems are too weak, seeds have a very dangerous trend as they could pop when lit. They are very ineffective if you are aiming to get a boosting high. Products that contain too many seeds and stems are considered harmful and can just cost you double. 

The trim and the structure of the buds

Though it may not be collectively frequent, those indica buds that include excellent quality are typically dense, solid, and firmly packaged. 

On the other hand, sativa buds are fragile, fine, and even thin. When blended, hybrid buds include well-rounded properties from indica and sativa plants. 

Hence, if the weed you just got or are about to buy comes halfway, it will be a hybrid one. 

While the buds from a sativa plant include more tiny little red hairs, indicas come opposite. 

Various dispensaries nowadays use machines for trimming. While devices may be improbable as they can compromise the content of the buds’ trichome, hand-trimmed buds are a way to go. 

If you, by any chance, bumped into discovering that the one you purchased looks crushed or damaged, buying hand-trimmed buds next time will be able to help you move on. 

The smell and character

As the process goes, when you developed an excellent marijuana strain and will finally harvest, curing and drying it to supremacy can result in a distinguished aroma and flavor. Bad weed does not have that distinct musky character. With an apparent musky profile, one can identify that the buds have a delectable smell and flavor and are also fresh. Furthermore, you will know you have a bad weed if the one you got has zero to less smell. 

One more thing about aroma, if the weed offered to you smells like a newly mowed grass, it just defines that the way it has been developed up to its drying and curing stage is improperly made. On the other hand, those weeds with a great smell with a touch of bitter chocolate indicate that it is an indica one. Sativa ones are distinguished due to their lemon-like hints. 

The shelf system

In the usual cannabis dispensary, there are three distinctive shelves. They are identified as the top, the middle, and the low shelf. The top shelf is known to be the best of the best. They are those buds with significant effects and include a substantial amount of THC, which is more than 20 percent. They are also the ones that were given considerable attention during the drying and curing process. 

The trichome count

Another thing to be savvier in the trichome count. In this process, you may probably need to use a magnifying glass. Weeds that are grown in the best care and environment should generate buds that are infused with trichomes. Trichomes are responsible for keeping the cannabinoid content and terpene profile. This composition maintains the power and overall character of the buds. The more trichomes are saturated on the buds, the more high-quality it is—Vice versa. 

As a rule of thumb, great cultivation would result in pearly-like trichomes. With the help of the magnifying glass, these trichomes seem to be vibrant with deep color. If the trichome includes a yellow-like color, the plant may have been collected at the wrong time and can have a substantial CBN level. Though this composition may have some value medically, the mind-buzzing high it can offer is lessened that a very exhausting feeling can follow. 


In the new cannabis era, cannabis users seek not only the name or description but also its potential to make everyone believe in its true potential. While there are lots of gossip about a particular weed, checking it yourself can help you prevent having a bad weed. 

Not only that, lousy weed can significantly affect a delightful smoking experience, but it can also remarkably affect your health. Consuming a very bad or low-quality weed can be very harsh. It can lead to disgust. As much as possible, choosing reputable dispensaries can save your ass from spending too much from worthless weeds. Try purchasing from those licensed ones.



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