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Best Marijuana Seeds for High Yields in 2023

Marijuana production is a significant and quickly expanding industry, and high yield marijuana seeds are critical to its success, especially in 2023. High yield marijuana seeds are in great demand, whether you are planting them for medical or recreational uses, and farmers and businesses must be able to supply that need in order to be profitable. High yield cannabis seeds also contribute to overall product quality since farmers can afford to be choosy in the plants they produce. Furthermore, the desire for high yields can stimulate industrial innovation and advancement as farmers and firms attempt to develop new techniques and technologies to boost production in 2023. Overall, strong yields are critical for the marijuana industry’s long-term viability and profitability. But high yields do not magically appear out of nowhere; you should at least know the factors that affect these high yield cannabis seeds.

Factors Affecting High Yield Marijuana Seeds

Here are some important factors in growing high yield marijuana seeds in 2023. You must take take notes because this factors will determine whether you will be successful in your cultivation:

  • Genetics – Selecting marijuana seeds with a good producing reputation is of utmost importance. Explore and investigate different marijuana strains and their possible outputs and yields to determine which has the highest possibility of achieving the required results you are looking for.
  • Growing Conditions – You should always consider the growing conditions if you want to achieve high yields in your cultivation. The specific climate for growing marijuana is very crucial for its optimal growth, as well as the quality of soil, the amount of light it receives, and the amount of water it consumes over the whole span of its life.
  • Growing Experience – Achieving high yields comes down to the overall experience of the grower. If you are just starting out on your cultivating journey, it is useful to choose from the best marijuana seeds for beginners, so you to have a satisfactory time growing your seeds. As you grow and gain more experience, you can try experimenting with different strains and try to achieve higher yields.
  • Quality of Seeds – Most importantly high, yield marijuana seeds only come from the highest quality seeds for the fact excluding other external factors. Genetics will greatly affect the production of these yields, which is why you should order your seeds from Crop King Seeds USA, as we offer the best quality there is.

Our Top 5 Picks for High Yield Marijuana Seeds

  1. Northern Lights Strain – Northern Lights is an incredibly high-producing marijuana strain. It stands from 39 to 51 inches tall, making it a very normal size. It is approximately 90% Indica, with a high THC density. Its yield is regarded as medium to high, but when cultivated properly in a sunny, Mediterranean-like environment or a comparable indoor climate, it can do quite well.
  1. Sour Diesel Strain – The Sour Diesel strain is 60% Sativa and contains roughly 18% THC. It also contains a moderate quantity of CBD. This marijuana strain has a height of 71 inches and a blooming time of 68 days. As a result, you may anticipate a very high yield. It should come as no surprise that Sour Diesel cannabis has a lime-like aroma and an aftertaste that is similar to fuel or gasoline.
  1. Amnesia Haze Strain – Given its medium stature and great output, Amnesia Haze is an excellent all-around plant. It is genetically 80% Sativa and has a high THC content of 21%. It is a reasonably easy variety to cultivate for novices, and while it grows tall, it does not reach the monstrous proportions of other breeds. It blooms in around 64 days, which is about typical. It takes effect 10 to 15 minutes after smoking and goes off rapidly, making it perfect for many recreational smokers. It makes people feel more sociable and elevated in a cerebral sense, and it works well for those who suffer from headaches, nausea, depression, or anxiety.
  1. Chocolope Strain – Chocolope is a 90% Sativa marijuana strain with very high yields and 19% THC and CBD content. They may grow up to 87 inches tall but are best cultivated indoors. Chocolope has earthy, woody, and coffee-like tastes, and the accompanying high is intellectual and creative. It is commonly used to treat migraines, but it is also used to treat anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and PMS.
  1. Super Skunk Strain – When you smoke this strain, you can anticipate a powerful buzz as well as a sense of clarity, and many people say it is one of the most pleasant highs you can receive from any marijuana strain. It can sometimes result in long-term couchlock. This is one of the most well-known marijuana strains. It is 90% Indica, with medium THC and low CBD levels, an extraordinarily high output, and a quick blooming period. It is an excellent plant for novices to cultivate, and it is used to treat ADD or ADHD, PTSD, hypertension, migraines, and anxiety.


Producing huge amounts of yields from high yield marijuana seeds is extremely satisfying for any cultivator as their business or hobby tends to rely on the yields of the plants that they plant, which can also lead them to experiment and try new strains. It is most important due to the increase in profit, higher quality produced yields, and increase of motivation in planting more marijuana seeds. These high yield cannabis seeds need to have quality genetics in order to deliver the results that you want to achieve in growing marijuana in 2023. That is why you should only order from those seed banks that are trusted and have come a long way. You are in luck because Crop King Seeds USA is here offering you just that and also our best promos and discounts that you will fully enjoy.

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