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Best Strains To Grow In a Greenhouse

When it comes to greenhouse cultivation of cannabis, selecting the right greenhouse strain can significantly impact your yield and overall success. Greenhouses offer a controlled environment that combines the benefits of indoor and outdoor growing, providing cannabis plants with protection against adverse weather conditions while harnessing the natural power of sunlight. This comprehensive guide delves into some of the best greenhouse weed strains specifically tailored for greenhouse cultivation, ensuring optimal growth and robust yields.

1. Amnesia Haze

greenhouse strain

Amnesia Haze stands out as an ideal candidate for greenhouse cultivation due to its requirement for a long growing season, perfectly aligning with the extended period provided by greenhouse environments. This Sativa-dominant strain, stemming from Original Amnesia Haze genetics, boasts a THC level of 22%, delivering a lively and motivating high for enthusiasts. With proper training, growers can manage its height to around 68.3 inches, while still achieving substantial yields of up to 24.7 oz per plant by late October.

2. Zkittlez Auto

greenhouse strain

Zkittlez Auto is a top choice for greenhouse cultivators, offering high yields and a delectable flavor profile. This compact strain, unlikely to exceed 120cm in height, produces dense buds loaded with trichomes, making it visually appealing and potent. With THC levels reaching up to 25%, Zkittlez Auto delivers a predominantly sativa experience, characterized by a happy and uplifting sensation. Its resilience and lateral branching make it well-suited for greenhouse environments, where growers can expect generous yields of up to 500gm/m2.

3. Blue Dream

greenhouse strain

Blue Dream remains a staple in the cannabis community, renowned for its elite genetics and exceptional flavor profile. This medium-sized plant thrives in greenhouse settings, displaying excellent resistance and yielding up to 850gm/plant of resinous buds. With THC levels averaging around 20%, Blue Dream offers a potent yet balanced high, accompanied by fruity and citrusy notes that tantalize the palate. Its therapeutic properties make it a preferred choice for alleviating various conditions, including anxiety, depression, and pain.

4. Northern Lights Auto

greenhouse strain

Northern Lights Auto emerges as a resilient and reliable option for greenhouse cultivation, thanks to its excellent survival skills and compact stature. This squat Indica-dominant hybrid, reaching heights of around 90cm, exhibits robust resistance to pests and mildew, making it well-suited for greenhouse environments. With a flowering time of 9 weeks, growers can expect yields in the range of 200gm/plant, which can be optimized further using techniques like the Sea of Green (SOG) method.

5. White Widow

greenhouse strain

White Widow remains one of the most potent and prolific cannabis strains globally, offering potent high,g and impressive yields. With its origins dating back to the early 1990s, White Widow thrives in greenhouse environments, exhibiting high resin production and a relatively short flowering period of eight weeks. With THC levels hovering around 20%, White Widow delivers a fast-hitting and relaxing high, making it a favorite among seasoned enthusiasts.


In summary, selecting the right strains is crucial for maximizing the potential of greenhouse cultivation. By opting for varieties like Amnesia Haze, Zkittlez Auto, Blue Dream, Northern Lights Auto, and White Widow, growers can ensure robust yields, potent potency, and exceptional flavor profiles, ultimately leading to a rewarding cultivation experience.


Q: Are greenhouse-grown cannabis plants more potent than those grown outdoors?
A: Greenhouse-grown cannabis plants can be just as potent as outdoor-grown plants, as potency depends more on genetics and growing conditions than the cultivation environment.

Q: Do all cannabis strains require the same amount of care in a greenhouse?
A: No, different strains may have varying care requirements in a greenhouse. Some strains may need more attention to training and support due to their growth characteristics.

Q: Can I grow cannabis in a greenhouse if I live in a colder climate?
A: Yes, greenhouses can extend the growing season and provide a controlled environment even in colder climates, allowing for successful cannabis cultivation with the right strains and equipment.

Q: Will growing cannabis in a greenhouse eliminate the smell?
A: While greenhouses can help contain the aroma of cannabis plants, especially compared to outdoor cultivation, some odor may still be noticeable, particularly during flowering stages.

Q: Are there any specific advantages to growing cannabis in a greenhouse compared to indoors or outdoors?
A: Yes, greenhouses offer a balance of controlled environment and natural sunlight, allowing for extended growing seasons, protection against adverse weather, and potentially higher yields compared to outdoor cultivation.

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