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Marijuana grow set up

Cheap Indoor Grow Set Up – A Complete Guide

Growing your cannabis plant may sound extremely tempting. Who wouldn’t want a personal garden full of blossoming and healthy cannabis which are ready and waiting for consumption? You might imagine that it would be the same as having indoor plants; just set aside on the corner, watered regularly, and habitually hauled outside for any sunshine. Well, that is not the case in growing marijuana. It is more than that – even way beyond any imagination. 

The first thing people ask is the money spent on growing cannabis. Well, the best thing is that there is a cheap indoor grow setup you can follow to spend less and get more.  The cheap indoor grow setup is very inventive and practical without compromising the grower’s desired outcomes. It is tedious and may require thorough planning and purchasing; however, this step could be viewed in a fun and exciting manner with enough knowledge of the essential things. It has different challenges to overcome and other things to take into consideration.

Before you get to set up everything, it is better to be well informed to get a clear idea of what you will get yourself into. Breeding marijuana is not legal in most countries worldwide, so it is also one thing to be considered. When everything is decided, get to know more about building a cheap indoor grow setup.


One thing that incites most cannabis enthusiasts about growing indoor weeds is the multiple benefits one can get. Some of these benefits include the following: 

First are secrecy and safety. You wouldn’t want to reveal to the world that you are growing cannabis. It is probably illegal in your state, like all other states, to develop one. So, what better choice to hide it than have it indoors where you can control the people who go in and out. This is the main goal and idea of indoor marijuana planting. 

The second is the high-quality weed you can produce. Since the grower can control all the variables, there are higher chances of manipulating the plant’s growth, making it healthier and better than those grown outside where it is at the mercy of nature and weather. 

Third, since you have high-quality weeds, this means you can harvest as much as you want. It doesn’t matter what season, weather, or month it is. You can have a series of plants ranging from germination stages to flowering stages – all these in your indoor room. 

Fourth, this would work well with those who don’t have any yards or gardens available. There is no worry about where to plant marijuana, just have it right next to your bedroom, and you won’t worry about its safety and quality. 

These are just some of the benefits you can get once you cultivate them indoors. Now, it is up to you if these benefits inspire you to make your own cheap indoor grow setup.

The Essentials – Cheap Indoor Grow Set Up


When choosing the right area, there are a few things you need to consider for your cheap indoor grow setup. The place must have convenient spaces for your plants, and since your plants needed your constant monitoring. Thus, space should be easily accessed. Take also into consideration the temperature of the space or room. A quickly warmed room may cause some problems, which would eventually lead you to purchase more products to keep the temperature and air right. Thus, choose a space with an easy passage for fresh air and stay dry and safe. 

There is no need to build a particular room for your cannabis. Use whatever space you have that would give adequate air, a dry surface, and enough room. It doesn’t even have to be too big. If you are a beginner grower, start planting fewer plants to be more accessible for you to take care of. When you also start with fewer plants, you can spend less and lose fewer once mishaps may happen. When choosing the room, think about where you would put the plants and other essentials such as lights, fans, and other things. It should be big enough for the requirements and you when you go and check them every day.  Ensure the place gets easily cleaned and tightly covered with foil and cloth to cover any light leaks, confusing plants.

The plants grow light

If you get an excellent quality to grow light for your plants, you are already one step ahead in getting a good quality harvest in great quantity. Choose the best ones that could give the best sufficient amount of lighting your plants need. With the options available in the market, you can choose your preference. The following types are available; HID, LED, and fluorescent. 

HID or high-intensity discharge is a good choice because of its product, worth, and power. Compared to fluorescent lamps, they are more expensive but are also relatively cheaper than LED. 

The LED or light-emitting diode gives the best benefits such as durability, lesser electricity consumption, lesser heat, and whole bright light. However, they may cost higher than the three choices. Pick the LED light that is durable and not fake to make sure you get your money’s worth. 

Fluorescent lights are also excellent choices. They are cheaper and easy to install. Plus, they don’t produce too much heat. However, efficiency and power might be your problem when using these lights. Still, they do their jobs ideally well.

Aside from those, you can also use an induction lamp to provide the necessary light your plants will need. Compared to fluorescent bulbs, they are more durable and functional. However, it might be too hard to find these lamps, and the price might be too high compared to others.

Airflow or circulation 

Another essential for cheap indoor grow setup for the plant’s growth is carbon dioxide and fresh air. To be able to have the supply of both, there must be regular airflow around the room. An exhaust fan can do the trick quite nicely. The size of the fan depends on the size of the room. You also need to check the room temperature and make sure it starts between 21 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius when you have the lights on and 14 degrees to 21 degrees Celsius when the lights are turned off.

Medium and Container 

One thing to also decide on is the quality of the medium to grow the plant on. You can do it without soil or hydroponics, where the plants are fed using osmosis or the generic soil. However, for the first-time grower, it is cheaper and recommended to invest in good quality soil that would give the best nutrients needed for the plant’s growth. There is also a super soil, an organic pre-fertilized one with all you need for your cannabis plant. With these, you can ensure your plants get the best quality available at a lower price.  These organic and traditional media will help you get the best results. 

The pots and containers you need will also depend on the plant’s sizes and soil. There are disposable synthetic or cloth containers accessible in different stores. If you want to be environmentally favorable, you can use DIY pots created of plastic bottles and gallons. You can also personalize them with art and designs. Just make sure to make enough small holes so water won’t stay stagnant on the soil, thus drowning and overwatering the plant, making it grow slowly and eventually die. As longs as the pot can hold the pant steady, then it’s good to go.

Nutrients and Water 

Aside from light, carbon dioxide, water, and top-quality soil, your plant will further require nutrients. It is suggested to give nutrients weekly. There are several labels available in the market. These types have a different purpose on the separate stages of your cannabis plant.

You must also watch out for any bugs, pests, and molds that can kill your plant. Although the chances of getting these in indoor planting compared to outdoors, it is still good to be extra careful. When going inside the growing space, make sure you didn’t come from the garden outside where you can transmit possible bugs. 

Avoid overwatering your plant. Check the topsoil if they are damp. If it is, don’t water it. If not, then you can sprinkle some. Overwatering can kill the plant and allow the fungus to grow and develop. 


These basic and cheap indoor grow setup guidelines will give you an essential overview of what you can expect and what you need to grow your indoor plants. These are just the essentials, and the must-haves are easy to access and are available in the market. The essential one is finding a suitable space for it. Once you do, you are good to start and build your indoor garden. You can also choose cheaper products available, but it is still best to research them if they give the best quality. 

With just fewer costs, cheap indoor grow setup guides will give the marijuana harvest you want as long as you follow and cultivate them meticulously and skillfully. The secret formula for doing this is trial and error. You can get more experience from constant trying and researching. Then, this accumulated knowledge will pile up until you get an abundant and quality harvest anytime you want. But loaded with the reliable foundation for the cheap indoor grow setup guides, you are on the right path to start and get it on track. 

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