Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Cannabis Seeds

choosing the right cannabis seeds

When you plan on growing Cannabis seeds, you won’t have any problems with finding the best selection of high-quality cannabis seeds to choose from. Many dispensaries are now catering to all kinds of customers, from feminized cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds, or medicinal cannabis seeds.

On the other hand, the sheer number of selections to choose from might overwhelm you. So, if you want to cultivate cannabis seeds in your own home and don’t know where to start or what seeds to grow? Our guidelines for choosing the right cannabis seeds might be able to help you with your decision!

Considerations to make before buying cannabis seeds.

Before we check out the different factors when buying cannabis seeds, there are various aspects to consider that will help you set up for success. It’s the things that you need, you have, and what you want.

How and Where will you Grow?

Before purchasing your marijuana seeds, there are a few quick ways on how to thin down your selections. First, you should first know where and how you want your cannabis seeds to grow. Do you want indoors? Or outdoors and some other types of cultivation? By determining these factors, you should eventually know what type of Marijuana seeds is best for you.

For example, if you have limited space, Cannabis Indica might be the best option. Most Indica dominant plants require a small amount of space. They are the preferred choice for limited areas. For outdoors, the best choice would be Cannabis sativa, because they tend to be stretchy and loves the sunlight. If you factor in those, you will narrow down your list. Sometimes we all want the high-quality cannabis strains in our garden; however, – if space doesn’t permit, there are still plenty of Marijuana strains to choose from.

Make a list of very popular strains that you would like to grow

Here’s the part where it gets enjoyable. It’s like listing the best toys you want to have for Christmas. Obviously, there are many legendary strains to choose from; there are strains that are great for beginners, strains that are used for medical purposes, and strains that possess all the Marijuana world hast to offer.

If you are a beginner, there are tons of strains to choose from. These are usually easy to grow and provides massive yields and high-quality output. We suggest you take this route, it is the safest choice, to begin with. And once you’ve gotten used to growing marijuana, it might be the time to select a few hard ones.

Always read the Cannabis Seed description

In this way, you can gain knowledge of each cannabis seeds. This will simply narrow down your list to a minimum. Although there are many cannabis seeds, you will find some of it truly by yourself. Each of those is different, so it is best to choose the one you want the most provided you have all the equipment needed.

SATIVA, INDICA, RUDERALIS, or HYBRID? How do you want your weed to make you feel?

The first thing you will likely want to look at your Marijuana seeds Is their effects and how do these types vary from each other. For this one, it helps you have a grasp of different types of cannabis, from Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, and Hybrids. They differ from effects, growing styles, ease of growing, and a lot more. Keep in mind that most cultivars are some sort of hybrid, mixing the effects of which types, from Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, or Ruderalis.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, Cannabis Indica is a great option for growers who lack space; they grow stocky and short. However, they have the most potent high, a high that will knock you out in an instant if you aren’t well-prepared. They are preferably used during night times as they induce a deep and peaceful relaxation that results in a deep-couch lock.

Cannabis Indica is known to produce high amounts of resins; this results in a very adaptable plant that thrives under harsh weather conditions. Also, they are an excellent choice for people suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. So, if you love these effects brought by Indica Genes, there are tons to choose from!


Then here are the Sativas. If you want your Marijuana seeds to produce a very uplifting high and cerebral buzz, this strain might best suit you. Cannabis Sativa is known to give you euphoric feelings that are great for people going through stress, depression, and anxiety. They make for an excellent choice for smokers wanting to be creative, do a presentation, attend an activity, and other social gatherings.

Pure Sativa plants can grow for days! They reach massive heights in the process; they are best grown outdoors. Also, they love heavy doses of Sunlight exposure. With plants reaching up to 3 meters, they are truly majestic when seen outdoors. Also, Pure Sativa plants give massive yields and are pretty easy to grow. They are highly recommended for Beginners too!


Although this type is hotly-debated as to where it originated, it was previously thought to be a wild descendant of both Indica and Sativa; however – those theories were widely rejected as it was deemed to be a direct hybrid of Indica and Sativa that escaped cultivation and managed to survive harsh climates.

What sets them apart from Indica and Sativa is it’s easy to grow and that Ruderalis plants are flowering automatically. Meaning they flower based on maturity, unlike Indica and Sativa tha flowers when the nights get longer and die soon after, the Ruderalis strain flowers around 21-30 days shortly into its growth cycle.

Ruderalis gene isn’t known for its high THC content, which isn’t appealing to growers and smokers. However, when compared with the two, the Ruderalis gene produces significant levels of CBD, which means they can be of medicinal use. Ruderalis genes are often paired with other types because it shortens their flowering period and upgrades their CBD content.


Since most Cannabis strains that are sold in the market today are hybrids, it is essential to pay attention to their ratio between Sativa and Indica. For example, you may find strains that have 80% Sativa and 20% genes; they are referred to be Sativa dominant hybrids. These strains will showcase much profound Sativa effects; however – some Indica effects are incorporated too.

Cannabis hybrids appear all along the spectrum, in terms of different features, from growth profiles, effects, flavors, aroma, potency, and a lot more. Also, genes not only plays a part in choosing, THC and CBD, Terpenes also plays an important role in choosing the right strains for you.

Medical or Recreational Marijuana? What do you think best suits you?

Many users these days seek Marijuana not only to enjoy its powerful high but also for its medicinal use. Some users use marijuana to treat various conditions; others use it to take a step back from reality and just relax; some use it to get enough sleep. Which ailment you’re looking for plays a big part in your selection.

After all, some strain offers a low THC content with high CBD content that allows you not to get overwhelmingly high and, at the same time, offers therapeutic benefits. For the most part, it is easier to determine a medicinal strain; they have a mild THC content and a high CBD level. Also, there are other medicinal strains that possess high THC content that is great for conditions like appetite-loss.

Recreational strains, for the most part, is easier to describe; this type of cannabis will suit your need to be able to achieve the “high” that you want. This type of strain is best used for occasions, activities, and social interactions in general. So, if you want to grow strains that are best enjoyed with friends, go with the recreational strains, like Amnesia Haze and Gorilla Glue strains, both of which are Legendary recreational strains.

Regular Seeds vs. Feminized Seeds vs Auto-flowering seeds? Which is better?

When growing cannabis seeds, choosing the best type of seed plays an important role too. There are 3 types of Cannabis seeds to choose from. It includes:

Regular Seeds

They aren’t the popular option these days because regular cannabis seeds can grow either male or female. Although growers attest to their experiences that regular seeds produce the best output of the three. The only disadvantage with regular seeds is that you have to identify quickly which ones are the male and quickly throw them out before they get to pollinate other female plants.

Feminized Seeds

Unlike regular seeds, you won’t have to go through the hassle of identifying which one is male and female. As you may not know, the female offers the resin-rich buds that are beneficial for growers who are seeking to make money with their growth.

Ideally, if you want to grow feminized seeds indoors, you should have a controlled timer to control different stages of the feminized plant . Feminized seeds require a little bit of knowledge when it comes to cultivation.

To grow feminized seeds, when they’re in their vegetative stage, you need to provide 18 to 24 hours of light. Then by switching to 12 hours on and 12 hours off, you initiate their flowering. The photoperiod implies that plants will only blossom once the light is minimized enough to mimic the natural change in seasons.

Auto-flowering Seeds

Unlike the Feminized seeds, the auto-flowering seeds start to flower around 4 weeks. Also, auto-flowering seeds are feminized seeds, so they won’t produce males. Auto-flowering seeds bloom according to time, not light exposure. They are a convenient choice for beginners, you just leave them with 18 to 24 hours for the entire grow cycle, and they’ll just flower on their own. Moreover, auto-flowering plants have quicker flowering time; they mature have the time compared to feminized seeds.


Not all cannabis strain was created equal. They have a lot of different needs, and some of them require different climate zones. Especially if you live in the northern part of the world, you would want your plant to be resistant to cold temperature so as not to form molds, and also to have an easier grow cycle. Luckily, there are a lot of strains to choose from when you talk about strains that are resilient to cold and rainy climates.


Lastly, the cost will always be a determining factor in what seeds you should buy. It always an ideal choice to buy from respectable marijuana dispensaries today. Be warned from buying with cheap too good to be true offers, as some of these may exhibit poor-quality outcome. Buying cannabis seeds in a reputable vendor should be top of your priority.


There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing the right cannabis seeds; however – with the list that we have, we hope we helped you in many ways possible. Finally, growing cannabis seeds may be tiring, but always remember that you will reap what you sow. Cannabis growing is fulfilling a hobby, one that you should master.

For an excellent growing experience, try the finest cannabis seeds of Crop King. Happy growing!

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