Common Misconceptions About Cannabis Use

common cannabis use misconceptions

With the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis use in various countries globally, there are still sorts of questions and misconceptions that lie from either pro or anti-cannabis advocates when it comes to consumption. Though there is still a stigma brought by what marijuana can offer, various cannabis pros are making such a move in providing an explanation to these. 

In spite of different investigations and researches made by various cannabis specialist, the explanation when it comes to the use of marijuana is regarded to be very vague by many. It still significantly gain attention to every media platform. Some of these misconceptions may shed some light, and others may cause such harm to the cannabis reputation. 

In this article, we will talk about the usual misconception about cannabis use. We will be explaining in detail what is true regarding these misunderstandings and eventually provide some facts about why it has been concluded as is. 

Cannabis Use Common Misconceptions

All cannabis products made for medicinal use can make you high

One of the most common misconceptions is that medically made cannabis can make you high. This is not true in every extent and is part of spreading some rumors when medical marijuana is taken. With the help of public education, this misconception has been handled well by various legal countries regarding medicinal cannabis. 

It is known that THC and CBD are the essential compounds found in marijuana. Though these compounds are sought to be the same, their function goes differently. THC is the substance found in marijuana that is responsible for making someone high. With its psychoactive properties, the effects it can produce to the mind is compelling. While CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t include psychoactive properties. For that reason, it doesn’t, in any way, affect the mind and can make someone high. 

Because CBD has no such psychoactive properties, there are many CBD marijuana products circulating in various cannabis seed banks, for such reason that it can be of help in various health conditions, may it be bodily or psychological. 

Cannabis can cause death

Using marijuana cannot kill you. Based on the study made by the CDC or the Centers for Disease and Prevention, the use of marijuana cannot cause death due to an overdoes. Unlike other drugs like opioids, marijuana consumption can unlikely to kill cannabis consumers. 

It has been regarded that in order to overdose in marijuana, a person should have to use more than 1,000 pounds of it per 15 minutes. This is completely impossible to happen. 

Vaporizing marijuana is as bad as smoking it 

As its name suggests, vaporizing marijuana doesn’t produce smoke, but it produces vapor. While smoking can cause risk due to the smoke it produces, this is far different from vaporizing. Vaporizing can burn marijuana under heating temperature level. Hence, it directly provides an effect on the human body just as tablets, oils, and edibles. One most obvious reason for causing harm to the use of vaporizers is because of its defective construction that may sometimes include deadly chemicals that can harm the body. 

With the increasing demand of vaporizers nowadays, many unlicensed vaporizer producers are circulating in the market. These unlicensed operators create products without being checked when it comes to standards, manufacturing processes, and regulatory environment. Quality control administered manufacturing processes, and inlined regulatory environment assure that the products being manufactured won’t cause harm to the consumers. 

The use of marijuana can cause brain damage

Despite reports that marijuana consumption can influence ones’ focus, memory, and motor skills, especially for adults, studies have shown that there are differences in brain function between heavy users from non-users more particularly in a long period of time. This is entirely the same when it comes to heavy illicit drug use and alcoholism. 

The common misconception of cannabis consumption has made researchers exerted more studies into concluding that the use of marijuana is unlikely to be the cause of brain damage. Especially to a more controlled consumption with no regarded abuse, the use of marijuana cannot in any way affect the brain cells or neurons. 

The use of marijuana can cause bipolar disorder and psychosis

Another common misconception of using marijuana is that it can cause bipolar disorder and psychosis. This is not true, especially if we are talking about it being the only reason. As other marijuana consumers reported that the use of marijuana could cause such health conditions, studies have considered that this can only take effect if the user if found very sensitive to it. 

Typically, the sensitivity may be caused by genetic background, infections, injuries, or any other factors. Despite the fact that it is not the sole reason for having bipolar disorder and psychosis, the use of marijuana may set off such health problems if the one that is using it has already been diagnosed with this illness. 


As there is such stigma associated with the consumption of marijuana, a lot of critics have placed some misconceptions towards it. Though studies have already explained the complexity of what marijuana can do to the body, a lot of misconceptions are putting some bad images against the benefits of it. 

Medicinal marijuana cannot make someone high as these types of variants do not include a significant amount of THC that incorporates psychoactive effects. The use of cannabis alone is not in any way possible to cause death when we are talking about overdosage. The same thing applies when vaporizing it. Vaporizing marijuana is so much different method compared to smoking as it produces vapor and not smoke, which can truly harm the human body. 

It is also not the only reason for bipolar disorder, brain damage, and psychosis. These health conditions are somewhat triggered by the underlying health condition that is also present in ones’ human system. 

With the list of common misconceptions given above, hopefully, this information has shed some light on the unclear misunderstanding given to using marijuana. Though there are advantages and drawbacks, having such knowledge when it comes to certain scenarios like this can help you better understand what cannabis really does. 

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