Common Problems to Deal With When Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

common problems when growing feminized cannabis

All the things we learn and admire regarding cannabis in the medicinal and recreational industries are derived from ladies weeds. The resinous features, huge trichome generation, and the large buds are mainly limited to the females of the species. Feminized seeds have been a blessing to marijuana producers in several cases, though not in all instances. How about we talk about feminized cannabis seeds, its common problems, and how they may fall to pieces.

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are the ones that have been produced to largely promote the result of female cannabis. A majority of the plants will be bud-bearing and female with the contemporary and reliable feminized seeds. The charge on these hereditary phenomena can be above twice the price of regular seeds.

Common Problems when Growing Feminized


There are some methods to produce a feminized cannabis seed; the use of chemicals or hormones, or a keen seizing of the cannabis’ stress reaction.

Female cannabis can be urged to produce male reproductive traits and generate pollen under particular circumstances. Innately, the normally only-male pollen is essentially female and can be utilized to pollinate another female weed. The outcome is solely feminized or female seeds.

The sad aftermath of this method is that the resulting weeds can be more vulnerable to stress. When agitated, marijuana plants are more inclined to:

  • Generate seeds
  • Less trichome production
  • Be attacked by pests
  • Become infected with a pathogen

The best approach to limit this problem to your feminized is to have their demands sufficed and requirements steady. Any vital or abrupt shifts in humidity, feeding, temperature, or lighting may be faced with a stress reaction. Stable, everyday supervision is essential in limiting trouble with your feminized seeds.

Produce Hermaphrodites

Hermaphrodites or sometimes growers call it as Hermie. It normally seems like common feminized cannabis on the whole, though they likewise develop some males that generate pollen.

Sadly, because it may merely be a tiny portion of the cannabis that’s damaged, hermaphrodites can miss much more casual than male cannabis. At the outset of the flowering phase, male cannabis creates itself; however, hermaphrodites may produce just buds except for a couple of small pollen sacs. Any sort of male component that develops in your backyard can supplement seeds to your flowers, and hermaphrodites are a few of the gravest culprits.

Several farmers assume that feminized seeds can produce hermaphrodites, and there is a proven principle to that. One mother female plant had to be prompted in some approach to generate pollen to produce a female seed.

That pollen is applied to fertilize different female cannabis, and the breed of those weeds will be female entirely because the two origins were female. That’s how you acquire feminized seeds. However, that further implies each event you possess a female seed, that seed had a parent that created male bulbs in its modern hereditary records.

Hermaphrodites can be created by numerous conditions, including:

  • Chemical provocation – By presenting female cannabis to particular chemicals such as gibberellic acid and colloidal silver amidst the initial portions of the flowering phase, you can pressure all-female cannabis to produce pollen. This is the way seedbanks acquire female pollen to create female seeds.
  • Rodelization or making flowers over-mature – fundamentally when the cannabis’ flowers have progressed past development without being fertilized (in case the farmer idles way excessively long to accumulate), a female weed may produce male pollen between its flowers as a desperate attempt to fertilize itself and produce seeds for the succeeding crop.
  • High stress – Irregular light schedules, light leaks, intense heat, along with other kinds of extreme stress can make good cannabis to produce hermaphrodites, despite than some strains/plants are more vulnerable than the rest.
  • Bad genes – the plant originates from a group of weeds that typically produce hermaphrodites at random, despite healthy growing requirements.

Seedy Buds

One of the effects of having hermaphrodites on your garden is having seedy buds.

Cannabis farmers are attempting to raise seedless buds. A couple of seeds won’t spoil everything. However, it will enormously reduce your harvests since your weeds are exerting their entire strength into producing seeds in case you have extremely seedy buds. In case they are pack with seeds, the buds usually will be less efficient

Breeding Program Problem

The feminized seeds are not intended for you, in case you desire to generate and cultivate new variants since they can merely create female plants. And you want both male and female cannabis plants to generate new cannabis strain as we all understand.

Therefore then you have to acquire regular cannabis seeds to gain certainty that you will collect both male and female cannabis plants in case your plan is to be a breeder of cannabis.

If Purchased, The Seed will Not Sprout & Grow

There is a possibility that your bought female seeds will not sprout. That indicates you will not be equipped to develop or even garner a cannabis plant, given that your seeds will not sprout. And this is occurring to feminized seeds considering a few of the cultivators were practicing unreliable methods in producing female cannabis.

Because of that, it is extremely crucial to constantly purchase your cannabis strains to a credible seed bank or cultivator for more possibilities of appreciating your venture to planting cannabis.

To a great degree, for amateurs, growing feminized seed stands the test of time. In case breeding is not a target; indeed, several extremely skilled farmers will relish growing feminized seed. An overflowing amount of excellent, superb buds will emerge in case the farmer does her or his role and takes care of the weeds accurately. This home-produced buds guarantee, developing potent marijuana, is entertaining and a thing in which the farmer can be please as well as the vital savings.

And regularly purchase your seeds to a credible and trustworthy seed bank or cultivator to preserve your money, time, and effort to prevent dealing with problems regarding your feminized cannabis seeds. Moreover, constantly request information to guarantee that you are receiving the appropriate cannabis strain that will serve best based on your liking.

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