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Guide to Curing Marijuana

A Guide to Curing Marijuana the Right Way

After weeks of labor, delicately managing your weeds, you’ve ultimately accumulated a yield of aromatic, frosty marijuana flowers that you merely can’t help to attack. First and foremost, they have to be dried. As you may be enticed to dry your marijuana right away, curing marijuana, a continued method of extracting moisture from the buds under a restrained natural environment, will give a different class-kind of yield for various purposes.

Individuals have been curing their goodies ever since there has been social interaction. The knowledge of primitive people to preserve (and hence stocks) food for after-a-bit eating might have been the most significant move in building developer communities.

This is made to pork and chicken using preservatives such as nitrates, sugars, and salts, though, regarding marijuana, people depend on nothing more than perseverance and endurance.

Why Cure your Cannabis?

  • Remarkably enhances the flavor of buds after yield- Several of the sweet-smelling extracts that provide marijuana its unusual scent and taste are somewhat unpredictable. They can diminish and fade at heat as low as 21°CA gradual cure will store these substances beyond a fast, smoking marijuana, drying meth at low temperatures, or low temperatures.


  • Lessen the risk of mold spreading on your flowers. The most desirable cannabis is cured curing is neither a choice from cannabis cup champions to professionally it is the custom. Though several do not understand that you do not need to cure marijuana to have fun, it’s simply needed if you plan to have it for a moment.


  • Newly grown marijuana (usually called green cannabis) is likewise delightful, though not cured, and must be eaten right away. Since it is green, it can grow dank or generate mold, particularly if stocked.


  • Curing enhances the anticipated “potency” of your weeds. Buds provide more potent results! – Marijuana plants generate cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) via a method called biosynthesis, in which particular substances are slowly transformed into new compounds. This method doesn’t simply end the moment you trim down your weed; if you keep newly picked cannabis in a humidity level between 45-55% and temperatures within 15 to 20°C the regeneration of non-hallucinatory compounds to THCA will remain, and your flowers will attain potency. Fast-drying below mild, temperate environments prevents this method much quicker.

Ways to Cure

Actually, curing is just a matter of closing and opening bottles at the exact time. You’ll be building an ideally controlled environment by putting your dried marijuana buds into sealed glass containers. These contained jars let moisture from inside the buds to remoisturize the surface, without flowers getting extremely wet. The objective is a cache that smokes suave and gives excellent flavors.


To start the technique, you’ll have to equip your buds, respectively. In case you dried your flowers separately, you’re ready. If you chose to dry them by the twig, then you’ll have to make pruning. Divide each flower and free them of sugar leaves.


Then, you’ll have to put your stock into sealed vessels. Mason jars give a healthy choice and enable farmers to watch their buds during the procedure quickly.

Put the buds slackly into the vessel and fill it almost full but some space for the air. Today is a great time to examine if your stash is parched enough for curing. Give the containers a mild shake. In case your flowers wobble around the jars quickly, then proceed with the next moves. If they start to gather collectively, this is a mark, the exterior is still overly damp, and more drying is needed.


Employ the covers to your containers and put them in a dark and cool place to guard toward the conditions stated above. Preferably, put them in a cabinet or different compartment that keeps a relative humidity of 60–65% and heat of 70°F within the containers. The only means to precisely measure this is to append a small tool that measures humidity to every container.


You’ll have to monitor and see your buds approximately two times daily during the first few days. Examine them within the jar and have a wary observation on some mildew development. You’ll likewise require to remove the covers several times every moment you see to let for ventilation. Look after your hygrometers. If goods are becoming extremely moist, maintain the covers off the containers for less than 4 hours to allow excess dampness to drain. In case humidity is too low, leave the covers on for an additional time without resting periods. In case the analysis reveals 60–65% humidity, proceed as usual.  If you still don’t see any rise in humidity, put a tiny humidity set within the affected containers.


Keep going on opening the containers daily beyond the following two weeks while using proper accents to keep ideal humidity. Your buds will be completely cured and set to burn up after 3 weeks. Though, the more calmly users out there will gain the best bonuses. Your buds will continue to develop in essence for nearly 6 months of curing.

Common problems with curing Cannabis

1) Marijuana is too moist

If your cannabis is overly wet, you can reduce the relative humidity balance by opening your container and keeping the cover off for a couple of hours. Take this if your humidity device displays readings of 65-70%.

Wet cannabis must be extracted from the container and drained for a moment on paper with the flowers not grazing one another. Don’t neglect the manifestation. If flowers seem moist, damp, or attach when you lightly shake the container, you hold extreme damp in there.

2) Marijuana is too dry

You can fix the issue by saturating it in case your weed is too dry.

The curing procedure is probably the most neglected phase of marijuana making, a thing that was entirely but overlooked when the shady dealings were our mere choice. Because of the clash in the recreational and medical marijuana businesses, more farmers attend to this procedure that sets an average yield into a reliably great one, and presently you can prepare the alike with your local buds.

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