3 Kings Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Three royal strains came together to make the 3 Kings feminized strain. And because of this union, the outcome is a well-balanced hybrid with up to 17% THC. It offers a mild to moderate cerebral high so you can focus on your work and engage in creative endeavors. It can also relieve stress, boost energy levels, and stop the pain.

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More About 3 Kings Feminized

A Mellow Offering From The Royalties

3 Kings is the result of the combination of three royal strains – Sour Diesel, Headband, and OG Kush. The trifecta of Indica and Sativa strains created a well-balanced weed with THC content reaching up to 17%. While it might not be the most potent, it will still allow users to have the cerebral experience that its parents often deliver. The head rush is a subtle experience that is often associated with intense focus resulting in creativity. As with any Sativa leaning strains, this variant helps boost energy levels for those who have been drained from the day’s work.

Stress levels are naturally reduced with the help of this weed, and mental troubles are gone in a matter of minutes. What makes this strain truly shine on its own is its capacity to improve its user’s vitality without feeling the narcotic effects of an Indica strain. Beginners should take this strain up for cultivation. The feminized seeds are available for you to grow, and with minimal requirements, it can proliferate under sunny weather.

1 review for 3 Kings Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Micah


    This item was perfect! This really helped me boost my energy. I was eally weak before have decided to try this. Not just that, my headache was gone as well. Excellent, CK!

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