Black Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Our purest Indica strain is ideal for relaxing and social activities. Black Indica is a short and stalky plant with wide leaves that is ideal for medical purposes such as insomnia and mild pain relief. With moderate levels of THC and a relaxed high, this fast finishing indica is ideal for beginners. Feminized Black Indica marijuana seeds are easy to grow and will do well in both indoor and outdoor grow setups.

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More About Black Indica Feminized

Black Indica feminized originates from Spain and is the offspring of two of the strongest and most potent cannabis strains we know today: Pure Kush and Afghan. With a short flowering period of 8 weeks, Black Indica has quite a high yield. Outdoors, yields can reach 200g. Indoors, that figure shoots up to 400g.

This is not a particularly difficult plant to grow or care for. You can expect maximum yield just by ensuring it has good growing conditions.

This strain has a moderate amount of THC (12.94%) and a relatively high percentage of CBD (2.5%). Having a tame Indica effect, this is the type of strain you smoke when you want to relax while still being able to socialize and interact with friends. There are no psychedelic or couch-locking effects.

With its high CBD percentage, medical marijuana patients often turn to Black Indica to combat insomnia and find relief from mild body pain. This strain is good at targeting areas of the body that are experiencing mild aching sensations and produces a nice soothing effect. Whether you’re looking for medicinal effects or just wanting to have a good time while going about your day, as usual, this is an ideal addition to your grow room.

29 reviews for Black Indica Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Lucas Cox

    Lucas Cox

    There were no issues growing at all. Its stretch period was quite unexpected and had no troubles taking nutrients. Growing was an absolute pleasure as the sweet bud smell was intoxicating. I was happy to have 35 g yield considering the mistakes I made but I will do better next time. I would recommend growing Black Indica, but I will continue to experiment with Crop King Seeds varieties.

  2. Avatar for Michele Stevens

    Michele Stevens

    I am looking for medicinal effects, and just wanting to have a good time while going about my day, this Black Indica Feminized marijuana seeds is the best for me. Will buy this for sure to grow it on my own grow room. This is a great strain and come from the best seed bank.

  3. Avatar for Jer


    Thank you. Damn this is beautiful. Awesome product awesome service.

  4. Avatar for Robert D.

    Robert D.

    Black Indica…..outstanding !!! This was my second grow and not one problem from this strain. Grew nice and thick nugs and a very robust plant. I can’t wait to germinate these babies again. Ordering was great! I will definitely order from Crop King again….soon !

  5. Avatar for PTSDank


    takes a while to germinate these babies, be patient, compared to other CKS strains it likes to take it’s time until veg but then. responds very well to aggressive HST. Complete stress killer, neck, back, and mind relax. Worth the wait, excellent medicinal properties IMHO.

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