Cherry Blossom Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The top marijuana strains in the world are Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom Strain is a premium, Indica-dominant, and high-yielding cannabis with a track record of performance in various environments. It was said to be developed in the pacific northwest and has since been scarcely available on the west coast. This strain creates vast, dense buds with a high content of CBD.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica-dominant (70%)
Parents: Unknown
Flowering Time: 8 to 11 weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, and Dry
Yield: 300 – 550 grams
Flavor: Berry, Cherry, Fruity, Pine, Sweet
THC Level: 27%
CBD Level: 0.3%
Height: Short and Bushy
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

The plant is stress-resistant and does well in a variety of settings. Buds are delicious and have a high resin content, making them perfect for industrial growers and extractors. This potent marijuana strain offers a powerful mind-and-body high that will keep users locked down while they are euphorically high. Your order will be delivered to you promptly, discreetly, and with the utmost care to protect the viability of the seeds. Take advantage of our free shipping offer on orders above 200$ and easy payment options. Crop King Seeds is ready to help you start your gardening journey.

What is the Cherry Blossom Strain?

Cherry Blossom Strain is somewhat mysterious. An unknown breeder created Cherry Blossom, an Indica-dominant hybrid. With a THC content that can reach 27%, this marijuana has a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa ratio. The mental and body stone produced by the Cherry Blossom cannabis strain takes a while to start working. Users will begin to feel joyful as the strong head buzzing of the onset increases. This makes it possible to experience an uplift. The users will feel complete delight and contentment. With still an unknown genetic lineage, this weed is not recommended for newbies and is best consumed as a day-ending toke.

Strain Effects

Be cautious if you’re a first-time user because it will take time to feel the full benefits. Users of this cannabis strain will feel light as their bodies and thoughts soar, targeting the legs with its slow-acting effects. A sensation of inner serenity offers contentment, and users will resonate with an admirable mood. Users will unknowingly fall into profound drowsiness and find themselves contentedly hooked to their comfortable couches. The mind will still be fully awake and critical, making this the ideal moment to meditate. Then, as the high begins to subside, a strong desire to fall asleep will entice users into a sound sleep free of dreams.

Strain Aroma, Flavor & Appearance

The Cherry Blossom strain smells like sweet cherries. There are also sharp undertones of cherries and fruitiness. When the bud is lit, the creamy smoke still has a rich berry flavor that melds seamlessly with sweet cherry and pine undertones. Its Indica ancestry results in short, bushy plants. Bunches of dense and numerous brilliant lime green flowers.

Growing Information on Cherry Blossom Strain

Cherry Blossom Feminized cannabis strains can be grown indoors or outdoors and require little maintenance. These are short and bushy plants, as expected from their Indica ancestry. Thus, support is needed to increase airflow and light penetration. To encourage improved air circulation and allow light to penetrate deeply into the plant’s interior for more even and healthy development, sure lower leaves and branches can be pruned. They will offer an excellent production of 300 to 550 grams of premium Cherry Blossom Strain and be ready for harvest in 8 to 11 weeks. In ideal circumstances, it is reported to generate medium-sized yields. Both indoors and outside, cherry blossom thrives, particularly in warm, dry climates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strain’s origin?

An unidentified hybrid with a robust Indica component called Cherry Blossom probably originated in the Pacific Northwest. With aromas of cherry and berries, this strain has a wonderfully sweet and floral scent.

What terpenes are in the Cherry Blossom strain?

Cherry Blossom offers Pinene, Humulene, and Caryophyllene terpenes. THC content is typically 27%. Around 0.3% CBG should be present in this strain.

What adverse effects can be expected from this strain?

After taking this weed, people frequently encounter common side effects after taking this weed, including cottonmouth and dry eyes, since they are caused by mild dehydration. Cottonmouth can be lessened by consuming plenty of hydrating liquids both during and after the smoke. Use some lubricating eye drops to dry eyes before smoking marijuana to moisten them before they begin to dry out.

2 reviews for Cherry Blossom Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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    [email protected]

    IT DOES FLOWERS COMPLETES EARLY! early October until late September. This will be my 2nd order!!! loving it! more power

  2. Avatar for Bushman


    BEST weed! I bought 10 Cherry Blossom seeds, which sprouted 100%. Fantastic! they all flourished in my yard, grew healthy and lovely and loved to dance in the sunlight. During harvest time, I got plenty of tasty buds! worth the time and effort 🙂 Yeheeey! weed itself is really relaxed, calm, and super peaceful, with a delicious cherry and pine flavor. Every time I smoke a joint, I feel like I’m going to melt, like taking a slice out of the most delicious cherry pie! DAMN GOOD!..I’m loving life because of this sweet buzz! Goodbye to all my back pain and troubles. Thanks for the AWESOME seeds!!

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