Monkey OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Monkey OG feminized strain is fruity and powerful, with up to 26% THC levels. It is ideal for experienced users because of its steep THC that can cause couchlock effects when not properly dosed. You’ll find buds capable of developing lovely trichomes perfect for resin production for potent concentrates, oils, and edibles.

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More About Monkey OG Feminized

Harvest Friendly Cannabis

This feminized cannabis strain has United States roots, from OG Banana and the most loved, Banana Kush. It’s a delectable fruity feminized cannabis seed variant, which is Indica-dominant that provides a tropical tang and appealing 26 percent THC level. This hybrid is perfect for experienced users and a great choice for cannabis growers.

If you have mid-level cannabis gardening skills, you can cultivate this highly potent cannabis seeds without stress and back-breaking efforts. It has an amazing calyx to leaf ratio, making manicuring colas after harvesting a lot easier. Growers love the rich trichome production, which is highly recommended in concentrate extraction and making hash.

When it comes to its structure, the Monkey OG plant grows compact, possessing a true Indica beauty with its prolific lateral branching. The leaves are thick, which would require pruning for better light penetration and airflow. Also, it loves dry environments and provides up to 400 grams of yield.

7 reviews for Monkey OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for O. Snodgrass

    O. Snodgrass

    A great weed! love its couch locking and sleeping effect- very euphoric.. a strong resistance to disease, good for insomnia, nausea and pain. loving its grape-like taste and scent. Its a medium size plant having a wide yield and a thick buds. it has strong and heavy smoke that dries up the mouth and the eyes causing anxiety. But overall, its AMAZING. Try it now and thank me later

  2. Avatar for Nathan Elizondo

    Nathan Elizondo

    Such and amazing plant! Monkey OG Feminized were very easy to grow and well developed if just given the right amount of nutrients. Didn’t encounter a lot of problem growing this stain though she only reach 3 to 5ft tall. Her fast-acting high effect is very soothing and relaxing, very much helpful when on my anxiety attacks! Her banana like taste is also mouth-watering!

  3. Avatar for M. Graves

    M. Graves

    best seed for growers who search for a flavorful weed used during nighttime. her bud fuels the mind instantly,feeling the waves of uplifting joy and followed by creativity. physically relaxes the entire body and calmness. its thick leaves need trimming for air to flow and light can penetrate,remove unneeded side branches as well the fan leaves. Monkey OG prefers dry environment to give high yields. Most users loved its tropical aroma and fruity banana-like taste, her bud can make a thick smoke that may cause you to cough, take only moderate dose. So glad to this plant! recommended to all aspiring growers!..

  4. Avatar for Nick X.

    Nick X.

    WHAT A MIND-BLOWING HIGH!! Although this strain was quite a chore to prune and maintain the temp, overall it was actually easy. I really loved the aroma that really gives off a tropical vibe. But smoking this strain is beyond loving, I can’t express exactly in words how overwhelmingly good this strain is but I could say for certain that beginners should keep away from this. It’s freakingly potent! If you’re like me who thought you already have all the tolerance in the world, think again! This strain will surely be a new powerful experience.

  5. Avatar for D. Blair

    D. Blair

    If you are into fruity flavors like me, then you seriously gotta try this out. You have to mind your tolerance though, because it can lock you in the couch like it did to me. I grew this using the SOG method to maximize my space and was glad to receive its generous yield after 9 weeks. This is truly an impressive strain.

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