Crown Royale Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Our signature strain is a full-bodied, bushy Indica that is a great yielder, easy to grow and strong in both CBD and THC levels. Crown Royale is a combination of Blueberry and Purple Kush bred in North America.

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More About Crown Royale Feminized

An overall ‘Best Of’ in all categories, this addition to our famous strains was specifically bred for commercial, home, and medical growers. This beautiful Crown Royale feminized seed is a signature variety of Crop King Seeds. Crown Royale is good for indoor or outdoor grows and is classified as moderate growth. This strain is Indica-dominant and possesses a lot of properties common to this class. The flowering time is around 9 weeks, after which you can expect to find fat glistening buds filled to the last pore with yummy resin.

It has a tantalizing, pungent smell that signals its presence from meters away and lingers for a long while. The taste is unbelievably irresistible. One of the key characteristics of Crown Royale is that it is high in both THC and CBD. THC content can go up to 21.50%, whereas CBD is up to 2.10%.

As a result of this unique combination of properties, Crown Royale is recommended for both recreational and medical marijuana users. Because of this flexibility, this strain has become a favorite among many of our medical, home, and commercial growers.

42 reviews for Crown Royale Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Shane Abrahamson

    Shane Abrahamson

    Freaking awesome. Big thick buds and hauled in 1 pound and an eigth off one plant. General Hydroponics, clay pellets, Co2, and 1000 watt HPS. Oh yeah..100% germination rate.

  2. Avatar for Johnny Mad Apple

    Johnny Mad Apple

    doing realy good after transplanting them bushy plants bout 3 feet tall good smell beleave there going do well

  3. Avatar for Customer


    Great strain large super sugerie buds buitafull smell/taste earthy with a bit of sweet berry

  4. Avatar for Donald Dunham

    Donald Dunham

    I’m a long time Loyal Customer of Crop Kings and I’m quite fussy about anything and everything I purchase especially when it comes to my Medication I have purchased Seeds online via Grow Journal Forums etc. Maybe we all have to learn the Hard Way Before we get it! However if you take my Word for it “don’t buy seeds anywhere else but Crop King 🤴 Seeds And as far as Customer Service goes their 2nd to None! Just simply take pics of your Germinating process and follow the steps to the letter most people get impatient and or let their seeds dry out if you’re patient keep them moist. They Will Tap Root! Now if you have done it right and the seeds are not viable then Call or better yet Live Chat w/Lisa or one of the other fantastic staff there who will always get you back to Growing with replacing the seeds and making it right! Remember when you’re chatting or talking to the Awesome Staff To Be Nice And Civil. Eh! 🇨🇦 Let’s be Canadian’s! —Actually Now Our Brother & Sister Growers Across The USA 🇺🇸 Border And Beyond are Able to Order And Grow Marijuana And I Never thought I would see the day this happened and Thank God for Crop🤴King Seeds, it’s actually my 55th Birthday 🎂 Today And I Am Very Happy looking in on my 4 Germinating 👑 Crown Royal Feminized Seeds also because of a situation with an Autoflower Mix Package of Seeds I purchased a year ago almost. I was to impatient and a few I let dry out. I had just ordered the Crown Royal Seeds I’m now Germinating I asked Lisa if a Manager was available to see if he could help me out and under the circumstances I would have been fine with just some advice on how to make sure I wouldn’t waste any more money or Seeds. Not only did I get Excellent advice of which I have shared in this Review above. He has sent me a pack of Seeds to Grow my 1st ever Autoflower Batch of ??? He told me I will be Happy with what He sent me and I absolutely believe Him especially since they’re Free!!! To all the other Loyal Crop King 👑 Customers Keep On Keeping it Real Brother And Sister Growers ✌️👌

  5. Avatar for The Chief

    The Chief

    So far, so great! I started these indoors over the winter here in Southern Ontario. With minimal care, they got to be about 10” tall before I planted them in my raised box, outdoors. It is now the 1st of August and I have four, 7’ plants, very bushy and healthy. I can’t wait until harvest to try it out, in time for my birthday, in late October.

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