Do-si-Dos Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Do-si-Dos is an sativa-dominant feminized strain with gorgeous lime green and purple leaves and crystal-coated buds. It is a potent hybrid that will give you a cerebral and uplifting high. It flowers fast and has natural analgesic and anti-anxiety qualities. And when the buds are ripe, you’ll enjoy a sweet, candy, and fermented aroma that you’ll remember for a long time.

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More About Do-si-Dos (fem)

Enjoying Due to Its Sedative Effects

This breed is dominant as being an Sativa type. This also sports lime green and glorious lavender leaves along with its glittery and resinous buds. This enables you to enjoy more of its sedative effects as a potent hybrid. This is just so perfect for its cerebral and uplifting buzz.

It takes about eight to ten weeks before it finally flowers. Its THC level ranges from twenty-six to thirty percent. It is great for its earthy and skunky flavor plus its fruit accents. This is just so inspiring for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. Expect it further that it can bring about relief as you seek relief from muscle tension and chronic pain.

It also comes to be so exciting for its fermented, sweet, and cotton candy aroma. It is, even more, great for its sweet, pungent, and earthy flavor. Its impediments can include anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth.

7 reviews for Do-si-Dos Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Larry


    Fast delivery I bought 25 got 3 free ones, all rooted and planted, my seedlings are a week old and seem to be doing fine.

  2. Avatar for Charles pomeroy

    Charles pomeroy

    Heard it is very good and easy to grow

  3. Avatar for Shaun


    I got the do si dos came with in two weeks and all 5 cracked and sprouted still in germination stage .will update later iam happy this far I like the fact u can use debit cards and and it was discreet packaging

  4. Avatar for jv420


    I started another DSD and it sprouted OH BOY Ive been looking for this for 5yrs. Started growing because of this.Had gotten from local dealer and fell in love.She took 9 weeks to flower used gen hydro nutes w feed sced n she loves to eat. Fox farm happy frog mix in 5gal felt bags LT is understatement 6wks veg flower under 2000wt mars dbl drive. the taste burn n effects are what i remember.def not dissapointed When ck expanded their menu and seen DSD fem i was really happy all i was finding were regs had bad exp w them[all 10 males what cracked] got 10 1/2 oz most ive ever gotten from one plant.A REALLY BIG THANKYOU TO YA ALL AT CK

  5. Avatar for ROBERT COOP


    Fast delivery. Got 2 free.. All germinated and doing good!! Crop kings rock!

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