Matanuska Tundra Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Matanuska Tundra is one of the most fascinating indica with THC that can reach up to 20%. It is a strain with big and strong buds that are teeming with juicy resin. You’ll love how delicious this strain is as it comes with a chocolate aroma and earthy tones. It is a smooth and slow taste, but once it reaches its peak, it’s something you’ll love to taste over and over again.

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More About Matanuska Tundra (fem)

An Indica Hybrid with a Mysterious, Exotic Name

Matanuska Tundra is a beautiful indica strain that packs average THC content of between 16 to 20 percent. She is one of those cannabis strains with a mysterious name. She has been recommended by popular hiking and fishing guides in Matanuska Valley. She produces delicious, big, and rock-hard buds that you will surely enjoy.

She also excels when it comes to taste. She offers an intense combination of notes for flavor and aroma. You will enjoy her chocolate aroma and great potency. She looks beautiful with that frosty resin that covers her stalks and colas. Matanuska Tundra is also a creeper. The hit comes on smooth and slow, but once it reaches the peak, you will enjoy the feeling.

Matanuska Tundra can instantly put a smile on your face. You will be so happy while experiencing a psychoactive buzz that changes into a body high. As you can see, she is giving you many reasons to consider adding her to your grow room.

7 reviews for Matanuska Tundra Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for B. Walters

    B. Walters

    This plant doesn’t get much taller than 3 feet, it developed massive colas coated with white crystals. it has thick foliage of palm-shaped leaves. Its fragrance and flavor was like a subtle mix of earth and wood, and a chocolatey twist. It gives therapeutic relief, its head-to-toe buzz also provides smoothness. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, and this was the best medicine I’ve tried so far…Its euphoric herbs occupied my mind with joyful thoughts and emotions. WOW just WOW! perfect for you too so must try!

  2. Avatar for Jeff Belcher

    Jeff Belcher

    can’t choose which seed you will grow?? i suggest start with Matanuska Tundra, strong plant that is resilient to pests and diseases,so less worries,she is easy to cultivate and to take care of..just place her in a spot under sunshine and see it bloom..for about 8 weeks, this herb satisfies me with a great yields,able to harvest around 500gr for each plant..moderate hit of her chocolate earthy taste with flowery scent is perfect!,it gives pleasurable high that motivates me everyday,take away worries in mind,at the same time feel that relaxing buzz. also a pain reliever for my arthritis and muscle pain..dry mouth and dry eyes are common mild effects, be a responsible user!.highly recommended!

  3. Avatar for Richard T.

    Richard T.

    put this on your list! I bought 5 seeds to try, 4 grows beautifully. for 8 weeks starts to see it blooms,produce thick buds,colas covered in white crystals with side branches. what i have now is a 2.3ft plant, a bit shorter. I cultivated mine outdoor in sunny place to have a great healthy harvest. I’m always excited to puff,a tasty smoke,it comes with a mix of earthy floral twist of a chocolate i loved the most. that extraordinary pleasure and energetic blast to the body makes her the best!. negative emotions fades and happy vibes comes in instead. And when that hype slows down,grab a pillow coz surely you’ll feel lazy.. More seeds to grow!..

  4. Avatar for Mason Gritts

    Mason Gritts

    This strain really lives up to its exotic name! It’s quite a potent strain that really helped with my back pains and migraines. And its taste and aroma just filled my taste buds with wood, earth, floral, and chocolatey flavors. Yum! I got also fired up with its high. I felt very energetic and euphoric. My creative juices were also overflowing, made me more focused in my activities. It left me lazing on my bed, too, making me feel sedated in a way. Had no trouble growing this beauty. All the seeds also grew successfully. So if you’re looking for an exotic strain, you better add this on your list of faves.

  5. Avatar for Linda Caron

    Linda Caron

    Tasty strain! This strain is very flavorful and also very aromatic specifically its earthy and chocolate scent! The high of this strain really creeps in my body and the effects are very soothing. The looks are also pretty good because of its icy resin that covers with colas. This strain is also pretty easy to grow!

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