Matanuska Tundra Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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A well-balanced Indica-Sativa strain with a high THC content of 16–20% is Matanuska Tundra strain. It grows to a height of only 50 to 75 cm, but it has a high yield of up to 500 grams per plant outside and 375 grams per square meter indoors.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
Parents: Unknown
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Yield: 14-18 oz/plant
Flavor: Chocolate, Earthy, Flowery, Woody
THC Level: 16–20%
CBD Level: 2%
Height: 50 to 75 cm
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Utilize Crop King Seeds‘ premium fast-flowering seeds for several harvests each season. For more information about Matanuska Tundra Feminized Marijuana Seeds and the buds they generate, continue reading. Find out what makes them a useful addition to your weed garden.

What is Matanuska Tundra Strain?

This extraordinary strain, which was found on the grassy slopes of southern Alaska, not only produces enormous, trichome-crusted colas but also offers a creeping, focused buzz that starts off powerful and gets even stronger as it wears off. Although no one appears to be able to agree on the origin of this powerful plant, rumor has it that it was an unintentional cross between a Northern California Sativa and a Russian Ruderalis that was later crossed with an Afghan landrace to produce a resin-rich 50/50 with Indica-Sativa characteristics.

This strain is suitable for even the most experienced users as a result. You can expect a well balanced cross with Indica-Sativa traits, tons of gooey buds, and a 16–20% THC concentration when you plant Matanuska Tundra strain. This potent substance will energize, concentrate, calm, and relax you before locking you down and whisking you away to the realm of sleep on a journey through everything a good drug should be. Another thing to consider is that she has a 2% CBD content.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Although her sticky buds are challenging to break up without the aid of a grinder, Matanuska Tundra’s perfume is pleasant with woodsy overtones that are reminiscent of pine, cedar, and damp earth when dried and cured properly. This is overshadowed by subtly sweet and nutty aromas that have the potential to taste like chocolate. This strain burns with a bitter, pungent smoke that can be damaging to beginners’ lungs. You’ll discover that there are acidic lemon aromas that linger on the tongue after exhaling. Given the fragrance of this strain, those looking to preserve discretion should use caution. When the Matanuska Tundra strain reaches maturity, it develops huge, dense colas that are surrounded by white crystals.

Growing Information of Matanuska Tundra Strain

It should come as no surprise that Matanuska Tundra strain grows well in a variety of environments given that this breed is Alaskan in origin. They thrive in indoor environments, and Northern Hemisphere outdoor producers shouldn’t have any trouble producing a robust crop. Because they are compact, strong, and bushy, they require little maintenance. When feminized Matanuska Tundra strains are planted in organic soil, the producing cannabis has better flavor and scent due to an increased terpene profile. Although they are more expensive and need more upkeep, hydroponic systems promote vegetative development and raise yields.

Your Matanuska Tundra seeds shouldn’t have any trouble fitting within, and given their size, clipping or topping is completely unnecessary. Sea-of-Green setups produce good results for seasoned growers because this strain’s size is ideal for this method. More plants per square meter mean larger yields per harvest. During vegetative growth, keep the temperature around 70–80°F and the relative humidity at 50–60%. Reduce humidity to 40–50% and lower the temperature by 5–10°F once flowering has started. Large fan leaves should be removed to ensure proper airflow and light penetration. Reduce humidity by an additional 10% for the last two weeks of flowering. You can anticipate another five weeks of blossoming after 8 to 10 weeks of vegetation.

Matanuska Tundra seeds should produce a crop of cannabis that weighs between 12.5 and 14 oz. /m². It’s good news for farmers further north that plants grown outside from Matanuska fem seeds do better in milder climates than many other strains. A warm, pleasant climate with lots of sun is preferable for the greatest outcomes. Keep plants well-pruned and, if at all possible, dry. Plan to harvest in October if you are planting female Matanuska Tundra strain in the Northern Hemisphere. Expect your plants to spend 8–10 weeks in vegetation and another 5 weeks in flowering, the same as they would inside. Each plant can produce up to 14 oz when it is grown and ready to be harvested. of cannabis in ideal circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Matanuska Tundra?

This particular hybrid, a long-finishing Indica-dominant one from Alaska’s Matanuska Valley, was supplied to Sagarmatha seeds by local producers. It’s an extremely rare instance of a near-landrace variety from North America, distinguished by its wide fan leaves, large yields, and Sativa-like effect.

What is the average yield of Matanuska Tundra?

12-13 ounces per square foot

What is the average height of Matanuska Tundra?


9 reviews for Matanuska Tundra Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for B. Walters

    B. Walters

    This plant doesn’t get much taller than 3 feet, it developed massive colas coated with white crystals. it has thick foliage of palm-shaped leaves. Its fragrance and flavor was like a subtle mix of earth and wood, and a chocolatey twist. It gives therapeutic relief, its head-to-toe buzz also provides smoothness. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, and this was the best medicine I’ve tried so far…Its euphoric herbs occupied my mind with joyful thoughts and emotions. WOW just WOW! perfect for you too so must try!

  2. Avatar for Jeff Belcher

    Jeff Belcher

    can’t choose which seed you will grow?? i suggest start with Matanuska Tundra, strong plant that is resilient to pests and diseases,so less worries,she is easy to cultivate and to take care of..just place her in a spot under sunshine and see it bloom..for about 8 weeks, this herb satisfies me with a great yields,able to harvest around 500gr for each plant..moderate hit of her chocolate earthy taste with flowery scent is perfect!,it gives pleasurable high that motivates me everyday,take away worries in mind,at the same time feel that relaxing buzz. also a pain reliever for my arthritis and muscle pain..dry mouth and dry eyes are common mild effects, be a responsible user!.highly recommended!

  3. Avatar for Richard T.

    Richard T.

    put this on your list! I bought 5 seeds to try, 4 grows beautifully. for 8 weeks starts to see it blooms,produce thick buds,colas covered in white crystals with side branches. what i have now is a 2.3ft plant, a bit shorter. I cultivated mine outdoor in sunny place to have a great healthy harvest. I’m always excited to puff,a tasty smoke,it comes with a mix of earthy floral twist of a chocolate i loved the most. that extraordinary pleasure and energetic blast to the body makes her the best!. negative emotions fades and happy vibes comes in instead. And when that hype slows down,grab a pillow coz surely you’ll feel lazy.. More seeds to grow!..

  4. Avatar for Mason Gritts

    Mason Gritts

    This strain really lives up to its exotic name! It’s quite a potent strain that really helped with my back pains and migraines. And its taste and aroma just filled my taste buds with wood, earth, floral, and chocolatey flavors. Yum! I got also fired up with its high. I felt very energetic and euphoric. My creative juices were also overflowing, made me more focused in my activities. It left me lazing on my bed, too, making me feel sedated in a way. Had no trouble growing this beauty. All the seeds also grew successfully. So if you’re looking for an exotic strain, you better add this on your list of faves.

  5. Avatar for Linda Caron

    Linda Caron

    Tasty strain! This strain is very flavorful and also very aromatic specifically its earthy and chocolate scent! The high of this strain really creeps in my body and the effects are very soothing. The looks are also pretty good because of its icy resin that covers with colas. This strain is also pretty easy to grow!

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