Mexican Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Mexican Haze is the best strain to win over fatigue and stress. This strain can sharpen your mind and can resolve headaches, muscle pains, and insomnia. Mexican Haze flowers fast, with buds having up to 23% THC. It’s easy to grow and will give you good yields as long as you follow all its growing requirements.

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More About Mexican Haze (fem)

A Great Choice On A Daytime

Bred from the Mexican strains, the Mexican Haze (fem) is indeed a great choice for Cannabis smokers in the daytime. This is perfect when you want to fight stress and fatigue. This possesses characteristics that somehow bring less pain relief. However, this can still be relied on when it comes to sharpening mental focus and treating headaches.

Wait until it gets you more focused and more uplifted as a seed. This also delivers mental clarity and euphoria with a touch of creativity and relaxation in its spicy and earthy taste.

Choose this Mexican Haze for a recreational high it can bring, especially as it is a feminized type of 15 to 23 percent THC level. It is interesting to know that it can stifle nausea and soothe headaches, as mentioned. It can also curb the symptoms that relate to ADD backed by the ability to enhance concentration. Truly, this cannabis seed can be your great choice.

9 reviews for Mexican Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Norman K.

    Norman K.

    This strain leaves quite an impression! I didn’t really had problems growing this one since it’s a vigorous grower and very resistant to diseases. Its growth is explosive though so I consistently apply pruning. The super strong citrus scent plus its earthy and woody notes just awaken the senses. And the high is just remarkable! It arouses my mind and just shakes off all my worries. Very uplifting and energetic, too! Soothes my anxiety and helps me sleep better. 10/10 for me. Just give this strain a shot!

  2. Avatar for J. Connolly

    J. Connolly

    when smoke,its earthy citrus scent is good as it taste..less than 12 weeks I harvested a high yields around 600-700gr/plant..her stunning golden pistils and colorful resins makes an impression,however her outstanding cerebral high makes her one of the best strains!.also,resistant to molds and diseases which makes her an easy growing herb..mexican haze is my new morning take instead of coffee,that high awakes the body senses and stimulates tired minds.,give a puff for a fresh morning start. she boost my self-esteem,along with laughter,making her a good herb to take to social gatherings. dry mouth and eyes,her mild effects after a hit..recommended to all..

  3. Avatar for Clarita W.

    Clarita W.

    I received it well-packed and shipped fast to my door..this strain is suitable to cultivate outdoor,it is a tall plant, easy to take care of and provides a moderate yields. See it blooms,flowering stage between (9-11 weeks). Expect a beautiful garden of tropical green plants with branches stretch upwards worth every effort!. has a long and thick buds with resin. a morning energy booster! so much fun with her fresh fruity taste, mind-blowing smoke. motivates and inspires me to make things done. Definitely I’ll buy again!.

  4. Avatar for C. Street

    C. Street

    This is my go-to strain after a long stressful day. It does well in calming me down. It is considerably tall with an average yield that was ready to harvest after 9 to 11 weeks. Its taste and smell are both spicy and earthy. I want to try a different strain that’s great for relieving stress because I’ve been buying this seed for a long time, what do you recommend?

  5. Avatar for V. Vankos

    V. Vankos

    Totally love this a a daytime strain. AND easy to grow. What more do y’all want? We grew ours indoors so we can control the temp easier. Grows tall and has a good amount of yield. This baby can clear your mind and send you to wonderland with euphoria, with its earthy scent and spicy taste. I’d recommend this to people looking for that stress relief, or something to sooth migraines and nausea.

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