Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Moby Dick is a prominent sativa strain with moderate THC content. It is an energetic strain, ready to perk you up as soon as you need it. You can use this to deal with depression, fatigue, and pain and is one of the easiest to grow. When grown in a warm and sunny environment, you can get very prominent yields.

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More About Moby Dick (fem)

Known for Its Distinctive Features

The Moby Dick (fem) is known for being the most celebrated and well-known cannabis dominant of Sativa. This is created by the crossing of Sativa and Indica’s genetic lines as it possessed a White Widow and a Haze. This feminized seed is known to grow outdoors and indoors in the Mediterranean-style and temperate climates. This can also thrive with a lot of light while it resists to mold. It can flower when grown indoor in between sixty to seventy days, promising a good yield of 650 grams/M, sup;2.

When this is grown outdoors, it can readily be harvested from the middle to the late month of October. This can reach up about 3.5 meters tall. Its aromatic properties can be complex, including lemon, noble wood, and floral. It has its Indica-leaning expressions that can be somewhat sweeter. Its flavors are broadly the same as added with Haze notes and incense having THC level of 13 to 17 percent.

7 reviews for Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for N. Lynch

    N. Lynch

    I’ve been diagnosed by anorexia that causing malnutrition and because of this I decided to try this type of weed with no regrets! By the help of this, my appetite quickly return! so what I really love about this weed, I was able to grow it easily outdoor. This plant was tall and has a gigantic yield that needed to have a wider space. The buds were wide and huge. I also love its smooth smoke that satisfies my body. Its taste as well as the scent was likely floral/forest kick of Haze so if you’re a lover of Haze you will not be dissapointed here!

  2. Avatar for J. Hamel

    J. Hamel

    I really love this strain for it was an easy growing! This plant was tall and lanky that delivered massive yields. There were multitude of long branches providing plenty of space. Its buds were heavy and colossal. Its superb hit was very bubbly active and creative that gave way to a deep and satisfying body stone that was very nice indeed! Its flavor and aroma were intense and quite spicy. I’ve been diagnosed with depression that made my mind incapacitated but after trying this strain, I was able to manage myself from being alone and stress. I was able to socialize and enjoy my life! A great weed indeed!!

  3. Avatar for T. Dunn

    T. Dunn

    it’s a heavy head-spinning herb!.a high-yielding plant that produce 1500gr/plant,outdoor setup.when smoke, she has a sweet citrus pine aroma and taste..her motivating buzz keeps you going and best herb to kill depression. take moderate doses,not only for new users but all growers coz this will really hit you hard. it can reach over 11 ft. tall and produce a giant buds..this strain need some trimming for air penetration and sunlight..big thanks to the mental clearness she brings, an amazing daytime herb. energy booster and improves focus. be responsible, she has mild side effects like drymouth and eyes,but high doses may lead you to dizziness and vomiting..recommended for breeders!.

  4. Avatar for Paul R.

    Paul R.

    all in one strain! Moby satisfies you with her effects,a huge yield and an easy growing plant don’t ask much attention but needs sunlight and proper nutrients. She is a wide and stretched tall cannabis plant. fasten your seatbelt coz her branches fully covered with big thick buds. I can describe her aroma like a mixed of lemon and spices so as its taste. she becomes my friend on a busy days lol,it brings clearer mind and burst my energy that last for hours. It helps me to concentrate doing paper works. to have an enjoyable smoke,take it slowly to avoid dizziness and vomiting. Give a try now!..

  5. Avatar for L. Crowley

    L. Crowley

    This strain has definitely have something more than meets the eye. I’d say cultivating this can go from easy to moderate, since it does need care and maintenance. It can both thrive on both indoors and outdoors (we did ours outdoors) and it grows quite tall. Great yield too btw. Citrus-y flavored, vanilla scented blend that will help anyone looking for a herbal alternative to relieve arthritis, depression, chronic stress and migraines.

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