Moby Dick Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Although Moby Dick may begin as a little seed, she swiftly grows to enormous dimensions, her entire structure coated in thick, sticky buds. Untopped Moby Dick plants will yield a fantastic main cola. It might be simple to moderately tough to develop this strain.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Sativa
Parents: Haze x White Widow
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
Climate: Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean Cool/Cold
Yield: 12 to 24 oz per plant
Flavor: Citrus, Lemon, Pine, Sweet
THC Level: 23%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

Moby Dick has the good fortune to be very pest and mold resistant. She develops into an extremely tall woman who also spreads out laterally. If your growing area is small, it is advised to only let Moby Dick veg for three weeks. You like what you hear? Purchase Moby Dick Feminized Marijuana Seeds from Crop King Seeds to get a taste of it. For growers with goals for both personal usage and professional success, this current strain is suitable. Never settle for marijuana that is inferior to what is found in dispensaries.

What is Moby Dick Strain?

White Widow’s prodigal daughter is Moby Dick strain. White Widow generated a lot of industry talk in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Everyone was vying for a piece of the original widow. Since then, it has won cup after cup thanks to its devastatingly snow-covered blossoms and its potent, enduring effects. A mind-bending and ultra psychedelic, feminized, Sativa genetic with a shorter blooming period, by mating White Widow with an unidentified Haze variety (perhaps an original haze purchased from the Haze brothers). Moby Dick is a powerful and productive strain that may produce up to 23% THC thanks to its excellent genetics.

Although it may be cultivated inside, growing it outdoors will produce the best results since it has Sativa genes that make it resistant to pests and because it requires a lot of light and space to grow to its full potential. Sativa dominates this hybrid marijuana strain called Moby Dick. The cannabis seeds can develop into plants that are 11 feet tall. Although the origin of the name Moby Dick is unknown, cannabis enthusiasts believe it may have something to do with the variety’s enormous cola and buds. The most potent cannabis seeds you can purchase are Moby Dick strain. They are adored by experienced marijuana users because of their high THC concentration. However, if you’re a freshly promoted sea captain who wishes to hunt this magnificent species, proceed with caution. Moby Dick strain might strike you more forcefully than a whale’s tail striking the ocean’s surface!

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

The sweet and earthy flavors of Moby Dick strain are perfectly balanced. It tastes earthy and lemony with hints of sweetness. It creates a potent high that is euphoric and creative when smoked or vaped. It burns with a citrus flavor that lingers on the tongue for a while after usage, with traces of sweetness. It is enjoyable to smoke because of how silky and creamy the smoke is. The buds contain orange hairs and are a light green tint. It’s an excellent option for those who want to stay high for a while because the high lasts a long time. The scent of the Moby Dick strain is potent and overpowering. The terpene profile of this strain, which produces its powerful aroma, is thought to be the source of its distinctive odor.

Moby Dick strain emits a pleasant citrus aroma when it is burned or vaped, which quickly changes to an earthy aroma. Additionally, users can taste the sweetness of lemons as the smoke passes down their throats, followed by the aftertaste of diesel fuel. The Moby Dick strain can reach a height of three meters, and because its branches are heavy and long, farmers are encouraged to support them. Long branches on it bear large buds. The leaves are predominantly green with a few purple flecks, and they have icy white trichomes that give the appearance that they are coated in sugar. The plant yields a lot, and the blossoms are white.

Growing Information of Moby Dick Strain

Sativa-dominant hybrid Moby Dick strain do well in warm, sunny areas. Due to the plants’ tall growth and space requirements, it is advisable to grow these seeds outside. As long as the growers have enough room for the enormous plants, the crop also thrives when grown indoors. When Moby Dick strain are planted, they develop into enormous plants with long branches that require assistance to keep from falling down. It is advised that gardeners begin SCROG or SOG training their crops during the vegetative stage.

As a result, the plant’s height will be constrained and its growth will be uniform. When grown indoors, farmers must maintain humidity levels between 40% and 60% and temperatures between 68 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit for their Moby Dick plants to thrive. It would be ideal to use high-intensity discharge (HID) lights like Metal Halide (MH) or High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) since this strain needs a lot of light to thrive. To avoid the growth of mold and mildew, make sure the room is properly ventilated because these lights generate a lot of heat. Moby Dick takes 63 to 70 days to reach full blooming, at which point the crop is ready for harvest.

The optimal conditions for Moby Dick strain growth are temperate, sunny areas with at least 12 hours of daily sunlight. They can also endure small temperature changes, although they do poorly in locations with heavy winds since the wind can harm the delicate branches. This strain is best suited for commercial growing because of its high yields. Each plant may produce between 30 and 53 Oz of buds when cultivated outside. And under the right circumstances, some plants can even yield up to 60 Oz! In late October or early November, the crop is ready for harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average height of Moby Dick Strain?

350 cm

What is the average yield of Moby Dick Strain?

up to 1500g per plant

What is Moby Dick Feminized?

Haze and White Widow, two iconic cannabis strains, were crossed to create Moby Dick Feminized.

10 reviews for Moby Dick Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Maxes Tane

    Maxes Tane

    Can’t count how many times I have bought from this store and they never, like NEVER EVER disappointted me guys!! Truly my go-to store for quality and lit seeds! This is on top ofc of the high THC level of Moby Dick Strain. My whole nation/10 you guysss trust mee!

  2. Avatar for Lakiesha M Price

    Lakiesha M Price

    High-quality and simple-to-grow seeds!! Well, dude, another unique strain, such a great help, enhancing my sleeping schedule and I haven’t had any trouble sleeping anymore. How powerful!!! This is suitable for indoor cultivators like me, even though it’s my first time growing this kind of strain, but she isn’t a letdown.

  3. Avatar for Anna G Potter

    Anna G Potter

    This is incredibly peaceful thing, makes me relax and makes my body detached after a strenuous workout; this tremendous strain demonstrates how fantastic it is, man; this is like a bomb, guy!

  4. Avatar for James


    take this cannabis responsibly,she is a strong plant that has a high hit in the head will fly you so high beyond the roof lol. for beginners,this is not so easy to take care of, your best effort is needed to harvest a great yields. if you’ll meet her demand,she pays back with good yields around 1500gr/plant..this plant lives either warm or cold climate. she combats arthritis,migranes and even muscle pain, relaxes the mind and body..morning smoke of this will lighten up your day and full blast of positive energy. she has a strong citrus scent that leaves me hypnotized,and when inhaled the sweet sour lemon taste stays the tongue. Great seeds!

  5. Avatar for T. Ray

    T. Ray

    I’ve tried so many strain but this one definitely took my heart. It gave high psychedelic effect and gave positive energies that move through my mind and body. I’ve grown this outdoor. germinating it was easy and quick. It was a tall plant that has a huge yield. The buds were big, solid, and golden, taste like earthy pine and smelled like classic white widow! This one is good for those who have anxiety, depression and fatigue. But would suggest to toke this just enough for your body especially if you’re a firstimer cause it drys up the mouth and the eyes causing dizziness.

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