Nuken Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The potent Nuken Feminized cannabis, which has a THC level that ranges between 13% and 25%, is the product of crossbreeding the delectable Shishkaberry and the award-winner God Bud variants. Both strains are indica leaning, which explains the dominance of the indica DNA in this dangerously named strain. Like its namesake, this weed should be handled by experienced smokers and cultivators.

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Nuken Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica dominant hybrid, Feminized
Genetics Parents: Shishkaberry x God Bud
Flowering Period: 7 – 8 weeks
Climate: Sunny, Cool
Yield: 450 – 550 g/m2 – indoor | Up to 700 g/plant – outdoor
Flavors: Earthy, Skunky, Sweet
THC Level: 13% – 25%
CBD Level: No data
Height: Up to 180 cm
Harvest Period: End of September – Mid October
Growing Difficulty: Hard

What are the Flavor and Effects of Nuken Feminized?

As mentioned, the THC content of the Nuken Feminized marijuana is between 13% and 25%; however, some are claiming that it can even reach 30%. Either way, this Mary Jane is not for those with a faint heart.

Despite its destructive THC level and indica effects, smokers will not be knocked out and remain functional. Additionally, it will boost the energy and uplift the spirit of the tokers for a long time instead of draining them while allowing them to feel mentally and physically relaxed. With the combined physical and cerebral buzz, smokers will be able to remain productive while under its influence. However, as you continue puffing or when taken at a higher dosage, it can cause the smokers to feel tired and lazy, which can eventually lead to drowsiness.

Unlike its potent effects, the feminized Nuken weed has an innocently sweet flavor. Its aroma and taste are that of a sweet marshmallow with skunky and earthy tones.

What are the Medical Benefits of Nuken Feminized?

The buzz will start clearing the mind of negative ideas and boosting the mood of the smokers. These effects will not only make its users experience a fun high, but it will also help those who suffer from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and stress. As the body high kicks in, it will eliminate any form of body tension, which is beneficial for those who are suffering from arthritis, body fatigue, inflammation, migraine, muscle spasm, pain and PMS.

As the mind and body start to feel relaxed, tokers can be eased into a drowsy state, especially when taken at a higher dosage, which will help even the insomniacs to fall asleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Nuken Feminized

Although it has plenty of positive effects, smokers cannot escape from its adverse side effects. Shockingly, despite its high THC level and potent buzz, the drawbacks are not that serious. The ever-present dry eyes and dry mouth, which are expected, can be easily alleviated by drinking plenty of water and applying eye drops.

For novice tokers or those with low tolerance, you should keep your dosage in check because when this cannabis is smoked at a high dosage, it can trigger anxiety, dizziness or paranoia.

How to Grow Nuken Feminized?

The Nuken Feminized plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. However, this herb grows tall, reaching up to 180 centimeters. Because of this, a room with a lot of space is needed. When grown indoors, it will finish flowering after 8 weeks. Cultivators can then collect a yield of about 450 to 550 grams per square meter. Outdoors, the sunny environment is highly appreciated. But it will still do well in cool climates; just make sure that they do not get wet. By the end of September to mid-October, a yield of up to 700 grams per plant can be harvested. 

This herb should be left in the hands of experienced growers, though, because this plant is pretty sensitive. The reason why sunny environments are highly recommended, even though it will still do fine in cool climates, is that it is vulnerable to mold and mildew. To improve its airflow, defoliation might be needed. However, this can decrease the yield of this plant, so applying the Screen of Green (SCROG) can be helpful to promote higher production.


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