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Platinum Cookies Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Due to its extremely high yields, Platinum Cookies is a hybrid cannabis strain that is perfect for experienced gardeners. This strain has fruity and spicy flavors that you’ll undoubtedly like.

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Strain Profile Info

Type: Indica
Parents: OG Kush x Durban Poison x Unknown
Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Temperate/Continental, Sunny.Mediterranean
Yield: 12-16 oz
Flavor: Berry, Spicy
THC Level: 23%
CBD Level: 0.3%
Height: 31-67 inches
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

As a result, it is a good strain for indoor or outdoor growing environments because it can blossom and harvest swiftly. Step up your growing game with Crop King Seeds and the legendary Platinum Cookies Strain. With free shipping on orders 200$ and above, discreet shipping, and easy payment options, there’s no reason not to get started on your next grow today!

What is Platinum Cookies Strain?

Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, and Durban Poison were combined to create the Platinum Cookies Strain feminized seeds. It develops as a stunning showstopper of thick, icy crystals. With a THC level of 23%, it has an earthy, pungent, sweet aroma that makes users feel uplifted and pleased. The plant develops into a medium-sized structure that thrives both inside and outside. It takes feminized Platinum Cookies Strain seeds 8 to 10 weeks to reach a yield of up to 450 grams in both environments. Regular pruning and trimming can assist the plant in removing larger leaves to improve air circulation.

Feminized Platinum Cookies Strain seeds can be planted outdoors or inside. It is a superior cannabis feminized hybrid seed that produces large yields and is suggested for seasoned gardeners. This plant matures and is ready to be harvested after eight to ten weeks, yielding roughly 12 ounces of harvested buds per square meter of area. Approximately 16 ounces of cannabis buds can be harvested from each indoor plant in mid-October. This cannabis variety grows to a medium height and adores organic fertilizers. You’ll love its stunning blooms, which have a thick layer of white trichomes that are crystallized.

Strain’s Flavor, Aroma & Appearance

Platinum Cookies Strain feminized seeds creating a sweet-and-spicy scent, just like their famous parent. The bouquet is multi-layered and delicious because of its intricate chemical composition. With each delightful puff, there are notes upon notes to be heard. What does this actually mean? Crops grown from feminized Platinum Cookies Strain seeds take on the aroma of ripening berries as flowering begins. Combustion speaks of strength, and the perfume has potent spice overtones. The smoke still has some flavor to it, but it has been mingled with soil, pine, and even kerosene. Some of these strong tones are still present in the flavor. Your tongue savors the berry flavors, while the taste buds are delighted by spice overtones. Although they could make you cough, these are quite tasty. An earthy aftertaste is left on the exhale and remains for some time.

Cannabis from fertile Platinum Cookies Strain seeds is ideal for extractions and hash production because of its scented trichomes. It’s also great for edibles, providing you a variety of options to pamper your palate with some exquisite marijuana flavor. As you gather the buds, the bright, fruity scents continue, but the curing process brings forth an earthy background. With its dark green and purple leaves, the foliage makes each pistil stand out. The plant is covered in crystalline trichomes, which further enhances this cultivar’s stunning appearance.

Growing Information of Platinum Cookies Strain

Feminized Platinum Cookies Strain seeds produce eye-catching crops. With exclusively bud-bearing females, the high flower-to-leaf ratio ensures that you get a lot of value for your money. The strain is not just visually appealing. Its hardiness and resilience make it a great crop for beginners. These marijuana plants overcome inexperienced mistakes and typical cultivation problems. They only require plenty of sunlight exposure and regular trimming, and they do well in most environments that meet these two requirements. Sunny, Mediterranean climes are optimal for outdoor growers. The perfect conditions for growing Platinum Cookies Strain feminized seeds are dry air, sandy soil, and sunlight. Maintain a light but consistent feeding and watering routine while regularly trimming the bottom crop layers. For yields of 15–21 ounces of fresh bud each crop, plant in April and sow in late October.

Keep your feminized Platinum Cookies Strain seeds indoors for best results if your climate is muggy or gloomy. Run the grow lights, lower the humidity to under 50%, and keep the temperature in the 70-80° F range. Install fans to stop mold problems. Feminized Platinum Cookies Strain seeds can be used by experienced growers to create a Sea of Green for their crops. Vegetation should only last three weeks, and pots should be packed closely together to maximize capacity. Let powerful lamps shine on the exposed colas, and watch as they grow fatter each day. Indoor flowering takes 9–10 weeks. By week eight, if you want to keep some discretion, a carbon filter is a necessity. If you follow all the instructions, your grow room will yield almost 14 ounces of flowers per square meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a beginner grow Platinum Cookies Feminized?

With the feminized variety of Platinum Cookies seeds, beginners can achieve outstanding results. It’s grown by experts without exerting much effort. The genetic makeup of a strain heavily influences its ease of cultivation, and this strain has a fantastic gene pool. These marijuana seeds guarantee successful gardening thanks to their resistance to pests and diseases, diminutive stature, and solely female crops.

What is the Platinum Cookies Feminized flower time?

Crops cultivated from feminized Platinum Cookies seeds mature in 9–10 weeks. To ensure the highest level of potency, inspect the colas before harvesting. The fragrance should become rather powerful, and they should be golden and icy. Although this strain needs more perseverance than your typical Indica, the trichome production makes the wait worthwhile.

How long do Platinum Cookies Feminized Seeds take to germinate?

Results from our germination procedure are visible in 24-120 hours. Every marijuana seed is unique. While some take their time to pop, others do so at the first sight of heat and moisture. For five days, keep inspecting your seedlings. Contact us for replacement fem Platinum Cookies seeds through our germination guarantee if they still haven’t popped.

10 reviews for Platinum Cookies Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for R. Hadley

    R. Hadley

    if you loved to eat baked cookies, how much more taste that in a weed which gives euphoric high that you may experience everyday. mine grows healthy,lively,attractive plant with stunning crystals. she is resilient to diseases and pests. because of her solid hairy structure, it needs trimming in the lower areas. put it in the spot under sunlight for healthy growth, i harvested 14.6oz./plant..dont missed the chance to taste her berry goodness with a spicy scent. smoke moderately to enjoy her unwinding effect, buzz that uplifts the mind and become more melts stress and depression,ease pain as well..

  2. Avatar for Dar Thomas

    Dar Thomas

    a yield of cookies seems pleasurable! Platinum Cookies is a perfect blend of berry goodness and spicy buzz..a small structure plant and easy to take care in an indoor setup, doesn’t require advanced techniques to grow well,and produces a huge yield of potent flowers, just keep her in a 70-79F temperature. Also,outdoor growth is possible in warm climate where you can harvest up to 15.1oz/plant. dried herbs oozes a tempting mixed of fruity berry with spice, best to smoke at daytime so refreshing!. be aware of its strong effects,even moderate dose can be very intense, laziness is there. too much dose may cause you paranoid..I only used her to melt away stress and sleep without worries in mind..harvest your own cookies now!.

  3. Avatar for E. Davison

    E. Davison

    The scent and taste like an earthy sweet berry elevated my mind felt like a paradise! It relaxes my body and feels hungry all the time lol. Grew this strain indoor with a height of 60-80 inches. It grows easy and was able to harvest it after 67-74 days, ,what an amazing experience!

  4. Avatar for Kenny B.

    Kenny B.

    Probably one of the best strains in the cookie family! It just oozes with a mouthwatering mix of berry goodness with a strong, spicy kick. Just a delight to the taste buds! And with growing, I had absolutely no problem with it since its easy to grow and resilient to pests and diseases. Used the SoG technique for this little lady, together with regular maintenance and just got myself an abundant yield. Felt an uplifting buzz and a euphoric rush to the head. I love that it also gave me full relaxation. It just helped melt my stress away. This strain also provided me a very restful sleep and remedied my insomnia. If you like cookie-inspired strains, then this one should be on top of your list!

  5. Avatar for Belinda W

    Belinda W

    I’ve finally decided to plant this seed again after how many months and its heavy yields never fail to amuse me! Whether I grow it indoors or outdoors, this plant really has a giving harvest. Its mouthwatering fruity berry flavor stimulates my taste buds, it makes me crave for more. The calming effect of this strain is really effective in easing my anxiety. I highly recommend this!

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