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Hellfire OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

(8 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Hellfire OG is a strong hybrid that has a euphoric and robust effect. It comes with 23% THC, which makes it one of the most satisfying recreational strains. You can also use this to help you conquer insomnia, pain, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. It is easy to grow and thus a good strain to try for any beginner grower.

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More About Hellfire OG (fem)

A Powerfully Euphoric Smoke

One of the best-selling hybrid strains today. Hailing from California, Hellfire OG is a pretty hybrid strain, which is the cross between the SFV OG Kush and OG Kush. She’s a strongly euphoric and robust addition to the OG family.

Hellfire OG is a great THC powerhouse as she contains 19-23%. So, she is sure to satisfy both medical marijuana patients and experienced recreational smokers. She inherited the best of Hellfire OG. She has the signature OG scent of earthy spice and lemon diesel.

Her delicious smoke will stimulate your senses. So, you may feel euphoric, relaxed, happy, energetic, and uplifted. She is one of the best afternoon or evening smokes. She induces a powerful body high, energizes your mind, and boost your creativity. Can’t sleep? Let her help you with it.

Hellfire OG is a great addition to your garden. She is pretty easy to cultivate. She is okay with either indoor or outdoor cultivation.

8 reviews for Hellfire OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Jefferson M.

    Jefferson M.

    This strain is what I’m talking about! It is amazing and it definitely does not disappoint! I’m in love with its sophisticated fragrance of citrus, herbs, and incense paired with the yummy taste of citrus, lemon, and pines plus that spicy kick that really tickles my buds. After a toke, I feel like I’m floating in the clouds, Just pure happiness that gets me into that relaxing body buzz. It really gets rid of my anxiety and stress. I also had no problems growing this indoor. All good!

  2. Avatar for Rafael M.

    Rafael M.

    Easy to grow? Check. Short cultivating time? Check. Delicious smoke? Check! Every robust smoke I exhale of this weed instantly gives me a numbing body sensation that really helps in relieving my arthritis. The sweet and piney flavor is enjoyable despite the spicy fuel-y aftertaste. In just 9 and half weeks, this little, stocky plant of mine yielded a generous harvest of 400g/m2. Applying the SOG method was a cinch which really helped in giving the plant heavy and dense, resinous buds. Check, check, check!

  3. Avatar for M. Bush

    M. Bush

    excellent seed!.I was so happy,they delivered it well-packed..this is an easy strain to cultivate but picky and prone to pests and molds,need a little care to harvest a good yields. put it in warm environment,works well for healthy growth. humidity must be dry to avoid molds attack. when exposed in sunlight ,each plant can yield 400g of buds. blend of citrus and herbal scent with strong diesel hint pleasurable during smoke..the yummy taste of lemon pine touches the tongue,and wait for the earthy spice aftertaste that’s why many users loved this. upon smoking,it brightens my day,change my mood and i found happiness within. but no no to smoke if during work coz the high followed by body relaxation may tends you to fall asleep..

  4. Avatar for M. Polk

    M. Polk

    a friend of mine recommended this site, since I’m looking for a good strain for my insomnia problem. I come up with the decision to try Hellfire, without thinking to have a lovely plant at first try, but this one feel so overwhelming!. easy to grow, solid branches that can support the thick buds from the wind, yet it’s weak during cold days, if your climate keeps changing better plant it indoor. I tried to smoke it at daytime, it switch on my happy mood, leaves me float in clouds of happiness and motivates me to so many things.But be careful, smoking it during work hrs tends you to feel sleepy. smoke taste a mixture of citrus and herbal flavor goes to the tongue the spicy diesel one. Before bedtime I used to take enough dose to relax my body and help me sleep, really effective to me. Thanks for the great seed!

  5. Avatar for M. Gruene

    M. Gruene

    It be cliche that despite having a scary name, this strain would soft and gentle right? Nah, dead wrong. This ain’t for the newbies, folks. It really gives you a HIGH high, and intense feelings of euphoria and happiness. Anyway, cultivate this indoors because this plant can be sensitive and would need a controlled climate. Also needs constant pruning. Keep at it to get a large harvest. With the aroma and flavor, which is basically a mix of diesel, lemon and pine, it’s quite the doozy as a strain. You’d really want this when you’re looking for an escape form depression, stress and even insomnia.

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