Shiskaberry Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Shiskaberry Kush is a pure indica strain with amazing taste and fruity flavors. It is relaxing and perfect for different medical conditions. This strain is also resistant to common molds and mildew and from pest and common molds and fungi. It can be used to combat pain, anxiety, stress, and depression.

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More About Shiskaberry Kush

A Fruity Tasty Kush

Shiskaberry Kush is a 100% Indica the crossed from the two great strains named Blueberry and the Afghan strain. This strain has an excellent taste with a great yield and even has a wonderful outcome with fruity-taste plants.

This type of strain can grow both indoors and outdoors setting. However, just like any other strain, this plant also prefers to grow in a warm and dry climate regardless of the fact that it is a mold-resistant plant. When growing it indoors, it has a quite short flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks, and it grows as much as 500 to 600 grams of tasty buds per square meter. While if you plant it in an outdoor setting, it yields as much as 1500 grams of buds per plant. Usually, they harvest it during the second week of September. This strain is easy to grow, so it is ideal for planting even with some beginners.

9 reviews for Shiskaberry Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for J. Kelly

    J. Kelly

    This was the most beautiful strain I’ve ever seen. Grown it indoor and used LED light, its flowering time was about 50-60 days, Its size was about 5 feet tall,the buds were wide,it was an easy growing! The smell was unlike any other… A blast of fresh roses and a tangy fruit. The scent was very earthy and leaves you with a rather pleasant after taste! It was truly the most enjoyable, smooth smoke! I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, it was something I always struggled with but after using this strain I was able to forget all bad things that happened to me and was able to sleep well! The BEST MEDICINE that heals anxiety and stress!

  2. Avatar for Elmer Heines

    Elmer Heines

    One of the best-tasting strains I’ve ever had! And one of the most powerful also. It’s loaded with berry and earthy flavors that linger. It’s high is mind-warping yet highly uplifting. I get to use this only on the weekends to relax since it really gives me the deep relaxation I need. I also enjoyed growing this strain, very sturdy and disease-resilient. Used hydroponics with SOG setup and got me some rewarding yields in just a short period. For all berry-lovers, this strain is a must-try!

  3. Avatar for W. Garrett

    W. Garrett

    this is one of the many tasty herbs in the world of cannabis!.her fruity berry taste gives a powerful hit..for new users better be aware of its effects,it may punch to knock you down.this is high resilient to pests and survives in any environment. i picked this coz it has fast flowering time about 7-9 weeks. novice breeders will love her. This strain gives me a heavy yields,and has a purple pine cone shaped buds coated with orange hairs. must try! this strain is very rewarding. I have so much fun in smoking this,no doubt she claims a berry aroma with earthy hint..yummy taste of fruity herbal, berry aftertaste. When i had my first puff, i was surprise with that uplifting effect. it attracts the good vibes and turns me into social butterfly. thanks…

  4. Avatar for M. Marsh

    M. Marsh

    Grew this strain indoor its yield is up to 12 to 16 ounces per square meter with a flowering time of 45-60 days. The plant is 6-7 feet tall and is easy to grow, I uses the LEC grow light because it ca give off UV-B rays that may improve yield or trichome production. I’ve been having difficulties of sleeping, but after using it I was able to sleep calmly and peacefully. What also I love, is the flavor like a sweet blueberry and grape and it smells fruity berry. However there’s an adverse reactions when using this, It drys up our mouth and eyes that causes headache or dizziness so just don’t smoke too much!!

  5. Avatar for Patricia M.

    Patricia M.

    Had a hassle-free experience with this strain! It is a sturdy plant with great resistance and despite its small size, it yields high. For those who like fruity strains, I suggest not to miss out on this. Not only is it tasty, but its effects are top-notch. Its uplifting effects instantly washed my worries away. So for someone who deals with anxiety and stress like me, this is just the perfect strain! Must try!!!

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