Cream Caramel Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Cream Caramel is one of the most potent indica-dominant cannabis strain that will help you unwind and relax. You’ll be amazed when it releases a thick, creamy smoke that will stimulate your body and energize your mind. It is one of the easiest to grow and will give you top yields with very minimal effort.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Cream Caramel (fem)

A Deeply Relaxing Stone

She’s a beautiful strain with remarkable indica traits. Whether you just need to unwind or get soothing relief for stress or pain, she should be your top choice. She releases a thick and rich smoke that will quickly stimulate your mind and body.

Sooner after taking your last toke, you will notice a sudden gush of a happy, uplifting, and relaxing sensation that makes you energetic, euphoric, and relaxed. Eventually, you start to feel less active as the body high begins to show up and intensify. You will feel so sleepy or hungry. Just give in and enjoy the feeling. You will wake up with a refreshed feeling the next day.

Cream Caramel is a good cannabis strain to cultivate if you are a novice. She is easy to cultivate and amazingly manageable. Her indica traits help her stay short but bushy to reward you with a bountiful yield.


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