Crystal Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Crystal has been recognized for its amazing THC levels and due to its massive yields. It has dense and tight buds with potent kerosene aroma; it’s also known for producing thick and potent smoke that will fill your room with awesome flavor. It is one of the easiest to grow, but be sure to provide all its growing needs to guarantee heavy yields.

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More About Crystal (fem)

An Award-Winning Strain

This seed is known for its high level of THC, often in eighteen to twenty-one percent. This is also popular for being a high-yielder. Grow it easily as you want it as compared to the White Widow. Its buds feature such heavy kerosene the same as the aroma. It also produces smoke giving that real kick.

This is absolutely needed for social and medical growers. This is blanketed in the form of THC crystals, and this also comes to be very strong. Its pleasing taste as citrus makes it an even popular strain. This is, as mentioned, to be an award-winning strain upon crossing the Northern Lights and White Widow. This means to say that this is dominant as being an Indica type. Its Sativa lineage only means to say that it is not an out and out of couch-lock stone. But although you have had tried a couple of hits from this strain, do not think that you will be satisfied with it.

1 review for Crystal Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Julius B.

    Julius B.

    I harvested some after 8 weeks, then harvested the rest after 10 weeks. I can say that the latter had better quality (sticky) buds. Although it didn’t grow any more taller (about 3ft only I guess?), it needed enough side space and it gave a generous yield. Anyway, what I really like is its uplifting and relaxing effects, which helped me relieve my stress. And just so you know, it has a strong kerosene smell with a hint of pine. Will recommend this to my friends!

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