Early SkunkxC99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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(6 customer reviews)

Strain Overview

Early Skunk x C99 is a versatile feminized variety. It can be cultivated anywhere and can guarantee faster flowering times, great yields, and potent buds. You’ll spend the day energetically, happy, and creative with this strain, but as its effects start to waver, you’ll be very relaxed, sleepy, and even hungry. With all these awesome qualities, this strain may be the best one to grow in your garden this year.

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More About Early Skunk x C99 (fem)

Reliable Strain to Cultivate

This Early Skunk x C99 (fem) is by far a reliable strain that you would wish to cultivate. This produces an incredible and vibrant plant. What is more, it is incredibly so quickly to grow. This contains an abundant harvest of buds. And this is to be grown in any climate. This is just so easy for you to grow. This combines the bunk of Skunk genetics, especially because of its properties. That is when it takes an even faster flowering time.It boasts its genetics under the classification of Early Pearl. This is also uniform and vigorous, while it carries no risks of producing a male variety plant. This is a finished product that can bring about a clear and smooth effect.

It takes about nine weeks for it to achieve its maximum flowering time. It has a photoperiod for its flowering type, while it has a high and medium yield. It is a feminized type and is mostly Sativa in its variety. It is now up to you to decide to grow it indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse. It also can reach the medium height that makes it appropriate for cannabis growers.

6 reviews for Early SkunkxC99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for Andrew
    5 out of 5


    Not only did I enjoy growing this plant inside my man cave, I also loved smoking it too! This heavy smoking strain immediately brought me to new heights on my first few hits that I managed to complete all my pending work in record time! It’s a little strong in the nose because of its skunky odor but the sweet earthy taste made up for it. Growing this small light green leafed plant was exceptionally easy too with minimal training! It immediately grew huge and dense buds with delicious resin! I was able to harvest around 500g/m2 in just 60 days. Boo yah!

  2. Avatar for Leslie Jones
    5 out of 5

    Leslie Jones:

    Brooooo! This Early SkunkxC99 Fem is a bomb! Easy to grow strain? Fast-flowering? High yield? and strong effects? This strain had it ALL, yes! she’s the one. haha Her effects begin with a gentle and relaxing high and then followed by a euphoric high with mental focus, it’s an ideal strain when you feel like you need to focus on something it could also alleviate depression. This marijuana strain is very easy to grow and could thrive well in any kind of environment and could produce great buds that smell like sweets and lemon.

  3. Avatar for Lamar G.
    5 out of 5

    Lamar G.:

    Quite a potent strain indeed! Planted the seeds in organic soil outdoors and grew all of them successfully, very productive plant and grows vigorously, too. As for the high, I like that it’s smooth and cerebral. It has uplifted my mood and just gave me an energetic boost. It also helped increased my focus after a toke. The citrus, earthy, and hints of sweetness just fills my taste buds. I just didn’t really like the skunk notes of this strain but it’s all worth it. You should really get a whiff of this strain!

  4. Avatar for Amber D.
    5 out of 5

    Amber D.:

    with this plant you will never go wrong. so simple and easy to nurture less hassle if you are too busy working. customer service helps me a lot from choosing the best strain to growing procedures that is why I try to order here. no doubt,it is a good strain to add in my garden. i just waited 9 weeks to see her bloom offers high yield, successfully grown medium sized plant with green leaves covered on crystals. It may not be a stunning strain but you’ll be amazed with the effect. it is a daytime smoke that will capture your heart and mind, enough % of THC to feel that high,relaxed and tends you to stay in the bed for hours. my taste buds enjoyed the good mixed of citrus with hints of sweetness and herbs when smoking. All growers deserve the best strain! order here now!..

  5. Avatar for Rafael Berg
    5 out of 5

    Rafael Berg:

    This is one solid and amazing strain! Grew seeds indoors on organic soil and it gave me a great harvest of vigorous dense buds. They developed into a lanky medium-sized cannabis plant with deep green leaves coated on crystal trichomes. Skunky it may be but I don’t mind as it satisfies me well with its sweet flavors of happy feelings. A clear mind gives me more energy and pushes my creativity. Great for my insomnia as it drags me to sleep like a baby. A must try and experience how definitely solid it is.

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