Grandaddy Purple x Bruce Banner Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Granddaddy Purple x Bruce Banner is a feminized cannabis strain with very strong cerebral effects and calming body effects. It is indica dominant, so its relaxing and very sedating, especially during nighttime. It is a strain with a giggly, happy, euphoric, and relaxing effect that can last for hours.

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Additional Information

More About Granddaddy Purple x Bruce Banner (fem)

Beautiful and Incredibly Pungent

She is the gorgeous combination of Bruce Banner and GDP that promises to deliver a strong cerebral high with a relaxing and calming body buzz. She is indica-dominant, so her effects are more of something relaxing and sedating.

A few tokes are enough to experience the best of her. She will leave giggly, euphoric, relaxed, and happy. You will feel all of these for hours. In the end, you will find yourself feeling hungry, lazy, and sleepy. With a THC content of around 20-24%, she is powerful enough to keep you glued to the sofa. She will even satisfy you with these scents and flavors: floral, earthy, sweet, woody, and vanilla.

Granddaddy Purple x Bruce Banner guarantees a very rewarding experience, especially for beginners. Since she is easy to grow, it doesn’t matter whether you have been cultivating cannabis or not. She is a fast bloomer as you can have her ready for harvesting in 8-9 weeks.

1 review for Grandaddy Purple x Bruce Banner Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’m doing this review after growing this strain out completely and drying it and curing it…then smoking it. The flowers Themselves are a deep Royal purple I’m not talking about the sugar leaves and fan leaves I’m talking about the very flowers themselves are some of the darkest buds I have ever seen. To say that they are purple is not doing it Justice. The flowers smell of rotting fruit and berries as they are growing its very unique. When the bugs are done drying and curing when you open them they have a very florally Berry smell. The high is strong but it builds up to it, it’s very cerebral and takes about 15 minutes to really kick in hard. To be honest even though it has GDP and at its very heady and uplifting… My brother said when he smoked it he liked it so much because he could still get things done but had a strong buzz as well. When I agree this I didn’t use anything crazy as far as nutrients just General Hydroponics and the flower came out well over 20% THC. I’m gonna say this one final time the flowers are so dark purple that after they’ve dried and cured when you grind them up your pile of cannabis almost looks like coffee grounds….like black!
    but its not It’s the darkest purple cannabis covered in THC

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