Hellfire OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Strain Overview

Hellfire OG is a strong hybrid that has a euphoric and robust effect. It comes with 23% THC, which makes it one of the most satisfying recreational strains. You can also use this to help you conquer insomnia, pain, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. It is easy to grow and thus a good strain to try for any beginner grower.

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5 Seeds Pack


10 Seeds Pack


25 Seeds Pack


Additional Information

More About Hellfire OG (fem)

A Powerfully Euphoric Smoke

One of the best-selling hybrid strains today. Hailing from California, Hellfire OG is a pretty hybrid strain, which is the cross between the SFV OG Kush and OG Kush. She’s a strongly euphoric and robust addition to the OG family.

Hellfire OG is a great THC powerhouse as she contains 19-23%. So, she is sure to satisfy both medical marijuana patients and experienced recreational smokers. She inherited the best of Hellfire OG. She has the signature OG scent of earthy spice and lemon diesel.

Her delicious smoke will stimulate your senses. So, you may feel euphoric, relaxed, happy, energetic, and uplifted. She is one of the best afternoon or evening smokes. She induces a powerful body high, energizes your mind, and boost your creativity. Can’t sleep? Let her help you with it.

Hellfire OG is a great addition to your garden. She is pretty easy to cultivate. She is okay with either indoor or outdoor cultivation.


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