OG Kush x Mazar Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

OG Kush x Mazar is a skunky indica hybrid with beautiful hard and dense buds. It is a strain that can stimulate your mind and your body and concludes with restful, deep sleep. Because of these effects, it is a good strain for insomnia, poor appetite, pain, and stress.

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Additional Information

More About OG Kush x Mazar (fem)

Starts With Being Happy Ending You Up Sleepy

The OG Kush x Mazar (fem) Cannabis seed is perfect for growing to your garden. This is a skunky mashup of the Indian and Indica strain. This features rock-hard and tight buds covered in white and orange hairs. This stimulates a nice and body high experience beginning you with happiness and ending you up with sleepiness. This is great to use for the treatment of body pain, stress, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and lack of appetite.

This takes up about eight to ten weeks before it finally blooms into a flower. Its THC content is between sixteen to twenty-four percent. It highlights woody and earthy aroma and a hint of lavender and pine.

Its mood-boosting, euphoric, and relaxing effects make it great to use to alleviate stress, pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Its yield, when grown indoors, is about 600 grams for every m2. Its yield when outdoors is between 600 to about 800 grams for every plant.

6 reviews for OG Kush x Mazar Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5

    C. Spence:

    this offers a relaxing sensation to all breeders..I have planted mine outdoor for sunlight and proper airflow..it blooms beautifully after 8 weeks time.I was able to harvest almost 800gr for each plant. After work, I take a puff to lighten up my day and can do extra activities..good smoke of peppery pine taste with a strong sweet scent is remarkable!.her effect starts with a slight buzz in mind and slowly high energy kick in,uplifts positive vibes and kill worries. surely,your day is full of laughter and deep conversation with friends..Also a good smoke before bedtime,helps you to sleep well..Recommended to all!

  2. 5 out of 5

    W. Norman:

    Grew this strain outdoor, It wasn’t an easy cultivation because I needed to trim its leaves each day but was able to harvest it after 8 weeks from seeds. I was suffering from depression before, but after using this weed that taste like sweet spicy as it smells,, I felt like HIGH! Surely will plant more of this!

  3. 5 out of 5

    C. Bradley:

    Used indoor cultivation for this strain, it’s dense and gluey, each one has a copious amount of resin, and there’s a dank fragrance that warrants the use of an air filtration system. It grows up to 40-100 cm tall this cultivation is so easy so it’s best for beginners like me. It eases body pains ad migraines. Liking its spicy sweet spine flavor with a woody pepper scent.

  4. 5 out of 5

    N. Buckley:

    6 seeds grown well..about 8 weeks of waiting, I do a good harvest 800gr/plant outdoor yield. I start to adore her calming effects,that sweet spicy pepper taste is outstanding, a strain like this is a breeders champ!.creates a thick and sticky buds,each has an abundant resin. place it where there is sunlight for thicker growth. OG Kush Mazar has a strong yet sweet aroma plus the hint of spices, tickles the nostrils offers warm feelings. how about the taste? be surprise with her peppery pine delight that stays in the taste buds for a while. whats good about this plant is her balance effects from head to toe feels that happy high..buy a seed and dont be desperate! thanks

  5. 5 out of 5

    Gerald H.:

    I really like smoking this woody and earthy scented strain. I’ve been having trouble sleeping the past few days but after toking this, I was able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. I grew it outdoors and it took me about 9 weeks to harvest a good yield of about 600 to 800 grams per plant. Anyway I’m growing this again. Do you have any advice on how to grow this indoors?

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