Skunk x Mazar Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Skunk x Mazar is a strain with a trippy, narcotic effect that can take your mind and body for a ride. It offers a pleasurable feeling of total relaxation, something you’ve been looking for to cap your day. It is a favorite among first-time growers because of its balanced effect and resistance to pests, molds, and common plant diseases.

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More About Skunk x Mazar

Have an Optimum Smoking Experience

This strain, Skunk x Mazar will not even let you down having its trippy and nearly narcotic high that brings your mind into a roller coaster-like happiness ride. This also gives an evenly pleasurable, relaxing feeling outcome that gives a balancing effect in cerebral invigoration. Growing the Skunk x Mazar strain is a no-sweat procedure. It is a plant that resists to any molds, pests, and even diseases. Additionally, it usually extends just about 2 ft tall, and it is easy to administer in an indoor setting.

If you are going to use the Sea of Green setup while growing it indoor, it yields for as much as 650 grams of buds per square meter after the flowering period of just seven up to 8 weeks. Just make sure that maintain the temperature within the 20 to 26 degrees Celsius. While planting it outdoor, it gives you more yields as long as you give an appropriate climate condition. Pick a sunny spot with a warm and dry climate, expect to have at least 500 grams of dense buds by the harvesting period of the month of October.

4 reviews for Skunk x Mazar Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Lau Cohen

    I bought 5 seeds, complete and well-packed when delivered. Then i planted it outdoor spot where there’s enough sunlight and dry place coz what i know she loves to grow in warm temperature. Less hassle to grow and nurture, so less stress for me. And I didn’t encounter troubles with pests and molds, truly a resilient bloom 7-8weeks time and i harvested a good yields around 500g of dense buds..daily,I puff this after a very tiring day to unwind, and lessen stress. her pleasing fresh sweet taste lasts for few minutes in the tastebuds, she has a kinda strong spicy aroma which I’m not a fan of. I’m currently experiencing depression and lots of worries in mind, with her deep relaxing effect it comforts my heart..she take away negative thoughts..tends me to fall asleep with peace of mind.. a happy nighttime smoke with friends is the best!..

  2. Mary C.

    As a novice, I love this strain! It was so easy to grow because it was resistant to pests and molds. I was able to grow it indoors because of its short stature. It helped me shoo away all of my stressful thoughts and let me dive into a calm state, then I got so sleepy I didn’t finish my last task for the day lol y’all should only take this at the end of the day. Buying again and will try the SOG method for this next time.

  3. Baba

    A perfect chill strain for the weekends. I decided to grow this strain outdoors and it was pretty simple. Thanks to its resistance, I barely encountered pest or mold problems. Once I harvest came, it’s unbelievable how heavy the yields are with so little effort from me! And the cherry on top would be the cerebral or “out of this world” high. Chilling with this after a stressful week is divine. Super uplifting. I can’t recommend this enough for everyone.

  4. Gavin Winkle

    Experienced an otherworldly trippy experience with this strain! Fills me with an overwhelming sensation of relaxation, super calming to my nerves. It just eases away all my stress and fatigue. My go-to strain after a long and tiring day. And I can’t even describe how I like the sweet bubblegum and fresh junipers aftertaste! Although not so much of a fan of its pungent and skunky aroma. As for cultivation, it was completely hassle-free. Grew it indoors and I just made sure to have a controlled temperature. Also, the plant is resistant to pests, molds, and diseases, making me even worry-free with its growth. It’s a definitely a must-try if you want some very calming and easy-to-grow strain.

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