White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

Our feminized White Widow is a former Cannabis Cup Winner that is high in THC and CBD. It’s known for white trichome crystals and orange hairs that develop at the end of its flowering stage. White Widow is easy to grow, a great yielder, and is perfect for cloning. Topping at 24.10% THC, the high from this strain is intense, with a strong cerebral effect. Considered to be the world’s most popular strain, our White Widow feminized seeds are perfect for new and advanced growers.

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More About White Widow Feminized

White Widow feminized marijuana won the Cannabis Cup in 1995, thanks to the wonderful effects it produces when smoked. It creates a powerful burst of happiness and energy while boosting your creativity and making you want to have deep, intellectual conversations. Thanks to its nearly equal ratio of Indica to Sativa (60-40), this strain is very motivating while still relaxing for your body.

White Widow feminized marijuana has bright green leaves and white hairs and can grow over 8 feet tall outdoors but should stay under 4 feet with hydroponics, soil or with LED lighting inside. The time it takes for growing White Widow will vary depending on whether you grow it outdoors and indoors. You will have to change the light cycle when you want them to enter the flowering stage.

Yields will vary depending on where you grow White Widow. Those growing in hot areas like the Southern USA might get a larger yield compared to those growing in cooler areas in Canada. On average, you can grow feminized seeds in about 3 months total time. Make sure you always follow the Crop King seed germination instructions, which can be found on our site.

65 reviews for White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Handicap

    I like this strain alote makes me happy I place the seeds in a water bottle for 20 hours then plant in cups of soil led lamp an small fan on timer I have a germination heat mat under cups I get good success rates in cold weather

  2. Faze

    excellent high, decent yield and easy to grow inside.

  3. Dave

    Order came in after a little over a week. All five germinated and sprouted fine. Sp[lit the pack with a buddy he took 3 I took 2. Mine are doing much better than his but mine are kept a lot warmer so I am thinking thats why. Happy so far with my purchase the suckers sprouted now its up to me, thanks Crop Kings!

  4. Wild Bill.From Pa.Us.

    easy to grow outdoors they do get tall.they are mostly bug and mold resistance maybe because there not a big bud.we have bought seeds from crop king for the last few years and have had a 9 out of 10 germination .and might i add there is no skunk smell or taste just a mellow pine and a nice high

  5. Tyler Davis

    I crossed it with The Black, and it is now my favorite strain.

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