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GSC Strain Review & Growing Guide

GSC Strain Review & Growing Guide

GSC strain is named after a popular biscuit. This cookie-like weed stands up to its title and flavors, merely similar to the minty and sweet surprises lured by Girl Scouts. It has acquired several honors for its rich and alluring fragrance, along with its comforting and calming effects.

Behind its harmless name extends a very strong cannabis strain. It immediately provides an elated mental high due to its THC level that stretches from 18% to 28%. Also, experienced users sense the strength of this strain. It’s barely a wonder that a lot of cannabis enthusiasts are trying to plant their new desired strain.

GSC Strain Overview

Produced by mixing the famous Durban Poison x OG Kush strains, GSC strain is a somewhat Indica-leaning combination. This madly famous weed is a well-liked among consumers universally for its delightful taste that is truly similar to a newly spliff dessert and dozens of mind and body results that are simply as luscious. The smell of this strain is a lot like the flavor though with a sharp hint– it is like sugary earth with a potent cherry piquancy and tinge of a minty nuttiness that’s delivered as the buds are separated and smoked.

The Girl Scout Cookie buzz is extremely sensible despite its small Indica influence, knocking both mental and physical with painkilling impacts. The buzz begins with a mental push that heightens your condition with a feeling of elation and a bit of meditation. Your body will be beaten with a kicking force that leaves you totally calm and somewhat lock-to-the-couch with an increasing feeling of hunger while your mind is elevated.

Those results earn it perfect for handling diseases like chronic pain, depression, appetite loss, and chronic stress or anxiety.

How to Grow GSC Strain

Grow Technique

The renowned Sea of Green practice, famous for pushing fruiting at an advanced phase, is a feasible growing approach. Normally, you can anticipate your weeds to stay in the vegetative phase for more than 6 weeks. You require the matter to make sure the stage remains merely 14 days with the Sea of Green technique. Due to this, you can collect your GSC harvest a lot earlier.


Girl Scout Cookie’s harvest is normally defined as average, with 280 grams (per sqm) when planted inside of your house. The goal of ‘training’ is to adjust your weed’s substance stability. Typically raised plant provides the highest bud (main cola), which stretches as high as attainable. It seems fine though isn’t appear a growth strategy if you desire a vital harvest.

Auxin, the weed’s hormone that is liable for directing the maturity of your marijuana, and you will obtain the largest amount close to the top. Because of that, your cannabis plants concentrate much of their completion through the middle stem.

Ideal Climate

Girl Scout Cookies is a firm plant and manages climate changes ahead of most cannabis strains. Nevertheless, it thrives strongly in a warm, temperate environment. Generally, you can’t be ruined in case you have this strain developing in a place with the heat of between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Keeping the absolute temperature is the simple portion of the matter. Dampness creates all types of issues for current farmers. Have high humidity throughout the vegetative phase to lessen salt balance as a requirement. Lower the humidity as the weed approached the flowering phase. We additionally suggest exposing your plant to dry air throughout flowering to boost trichome composition and lessen the chance of mildew.

The predicted flowering period for the GSC strain is 55 to 70 days, both outdoors and indoors, since the fruiting period of its origin is extremely brief. As the harvest of this plant isn’t particularly large at all as opposed to some other marijuana, it’s the distinction of marijuana that you’re seeking for when developing Girl Scout Cookies. While it is resilient to various conditions and producing problems, watch for dust-like mold that can harm the plants.

The most reliable method to stop mold from spreading on the plant is to utilize a light diluted splash of water and neem oil and ensure the humidity balance is considerably low. Neem oil is an organic anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and will limit plenty of elements from spreading on marijuana. It will likewise assist in repelling some pests.


GSC has naturally thin twigs and stems. Ensure you nourish your plant abundantly. Your plant will require extra calcium and magnesium since it has OG genes. By providing them with potassium silicate, you can enhance the potency of the plants.

Generally, Girl Scout Cookies is recognized for its potential to manage an above standard amount of core boosters and nutrients during high and early. Fix the nutrient absorption in case you notice browning on the leaf tips. Ensure you likewise watch germination for symptoms of deficiencies.

Factors to Consider:

  • Exposure of light: UV-B light likely boosts the trichome creation of your weeds, even though its exposure is harmful to people. If feasible, expose your plant to lots of sunlight. Neglecting that, LEC/CMH grow lights are possibly another option.


  • Add blackstrap molasses: Carbohydrate or sugar-based supplements declare to enhance the sweetness and smell of your buds. Though they are usually costly. You can purchase them at a supermarket, and they supplement amino acids sugars and minerals, Supplement the molasses to the water exerted on your weeds in the last several days of completion.


  • Decrease nitrogen in the budding phase: They need more phosphorus and potassium when budding, even though your plants require plenty of nitrogen throughout the vegetative phase.


  • Refrain from chemical nourishments if attainable: Review the elements of the product. Don’t use it if it covers such as Magnesium Carbonate and Ammonium Phosphate. When available, use nutrients obtained from organisms like kelp, bone meal, and worm castings.

You can plant GSC strain as frequently as you wish. You could generate a bunch or even multitudes of grams yearly, hingeing on the extent of your grow room by utilizing the Sea of Green technique. Comprehend the suggestions described above to produce dominant GSC that likely reduce the pains and aches, aid restful sleep, and improve appetite linked with several medical ailments.

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