CBD ACDC (1:18) Marijuana Seeds

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Strain Overview

One of a few strains with an impressive CBD content is CBD ACDC. Its ripe, sativa-dominant buds will give you potent amounts of CBD and very low THC. This is the ideal therapeutic strain with no psychoactive effects, only a healthy and very fruity taste and aroma you’ll surely love to consume day after day.

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More About CBD ACDC

The Ultimate Healing Rockstar

CBD ACDC may be the name given as a tribute to the legendary rock band, but this Sativa dominant hybrid strain has more to offer than just your normal cannabis. With only 1% THC and 18% CBD content, this therapeutic cannabis allows for a more productive and healing approach to life. Bred to perfection to create a breed that has good amounts of CBD, this strain entails a lot of healing properties, including reducing anxiety and paranoia as well as stress.

Many of its abilities as a brand of marijuana centers around the improvement of the quality of life. Patients undergoing chemotherapy should give this a try to boost their health. While many are clamoring of its medical benefits, growers can make a profit out of this strain due to its ease in cultivation. Best grown indoors, CBD ACDC provides a healthy fruity aroma and flavor that thrives well when cultivated in a more controlled environment.

9 reviews for CBD ACDC (1:18) Marijuana Seeds

  1. Avatar for James


    Excellent CBD qualities, very earthy musty smell, mine grew almost BLACK when flowering started Very nice smoke ,the best CBD oil ever

  2. Avatar for Donna Sutton

    Donna Sutton

    Wow this strain is just perfect for me! It is very therapeutic as is helps me with my anxiety without any mental effect. Its fruity taste and scent is just overwhelming that and I love taking this strain during the day as it boost my health. Medical wise this strain is perfect! However, growing this strain is not what I expected, it is very easy it doesn’t need a lot of any special treatment, just a simple plant to grow with amazing amount of yield. Loving its narrow hairy leaves so its hairy thick buds.

  3. Avatar for Chuck


    I found the strain very hard to germinate as someone else did also one seed out of four germinated that one is doing very very well right now though really wanted more of these to make oils with , the company is Aplus with me very fast shipping and discrete packaging. I have other strains of seeds from them that all germinated..

  4. Avatar for Willie M

    Willie M

    Excellent benefits! This wonder strain gives you everything you need – fast flowering, high yielding, strong and resinous buds, medical benefits, etc. I did the right choice in growing this because ever since, all of my seeds grew so well. It shows that the Crop King Seeds puts premium on quality, and I love that!

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