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high yielding autoflower

Top 5 Choice For High Yielding Autoflowers

When you are the kind of grower that does not have the ability to wait long, then grow autoflower seeds!

Yes, it is okay to be impatient, sometimes. Most especially when you are waiting on the progress of your plant projects!

This is also true when you are a cannabis plant enthusiast. The faster it grows, the better. We totally get that! Here, we will discover the different kinds of high yielding autoflowers that you can grow in your own backyard!

Autoflower cannabis strains are a great choice, especially for beginners. The waiting time for your plants to flower becomes faster. When the time is right, the plant will automatically flower. It also means that you can harvest in no time. Thanks to the breeders who have so much passion for developing the best strains that today autoflowers are gaining popularity. A few years back, grower was apprehensive about the idea of autoflower because of the nature of the plant. There was also a difference in terms of yield comparing to photoperiod strains.

Our Top 5 Choice for High Yielding Autoflowers

White Widow

It is one of the top cannabis strains. It has been here for a long time and people continue to love this strain. It is a balanced hybrid strain of Indica and Sativa and is incredibly potent. Known for its unique kind of high with its distinct scent and long-lasting flavor. 

Train Wreck

Train Wreck autoflowering cannabis strain promises huge buds with colorful hairs all over in as short as 8 weeks. True to its name, the effect is compared to being hit by a freight train! One of the well-loved strains available today. It has a combination of sweet and spicy aroma and helps aid in treatment for anxiety and PTSD.

Amnesia Haze

It is as an easy smoke. It is the kind of smoke that you will make you smile as it has an uplifting effect. In just 9 weeks, resinous buds will start to appear, this autoflower seed is one that is moderately easy to grow.

Northern Lights

It is another famous strain which yields up to 250 grams. This plant can thrive both indoor and outdoor. It produces heavy, fat and dense buds. It has a psychoactive effect throughout the body and relieves pain and sleeplessness. Northern Light is a Cannabis Cup winner and has remained a crowd favorite.

Jack Herer

The ever promising Jack Herer in autoflowering form takes up to 9 weeks to finish flowering and grows up to 3.5 feet high. This beauty is from Spain and should be a part of your cannabis collection. Being a Sativa-dominant strain, it has its own unique feature and effect. It can yield up to 250 grams and is also easy to grow.

Growers today are fortunate that all these feminized seeds are now available in autoflowering variety. It sure does make planting easier and the feeling of fulfillment when your plants start to flower and produce such potent and high yielding strains.

With all these autoflowering strains, isn’t it exciting to start planting your own paradise of cannabis?

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